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juwi Presents its Services at Hamburg WindEnergy Expo / Extensive Project Pipeline for 2014 and the Years to Come

- Approx. 180 MW of installed capacity have been put into operation until mid-September
- New projects in many German states
- Optimistic outlook for wind energy year 2015
- juwi remains internationally well recognized EPC partner
- 50 MW flagship project in Uruguay

Wörrstadt / Hamburg - With an extensive project pipeline and new faces in its Management Board juwi Energieprojekte GmbH is presenting itself at this year’s Hamburg WindEnergy, the global on- and offshore expo. With former Hochtief-Manager Christof Gipperich as well as long-serving juwi regional director and financial expert Thomas Broschek, juwi’s project development unit has now two experienced Managers at the helm of the company. “It is our objective to realize more projects outside of juwi’s current home markets and to thus develop the company further at a stable rate”, the two Managing Directors say. The new projects in Nassau (Baden-Wuerttemberg), Walmersbach (Bavaria) and Thierfeld (Saxony) are important steps into the direction specified by the new Management Board.

Close to the small town of Nassau in Tauberfranken juwi is currently building its first wind farm in Baden-Wuerttemberg. The two modern Enercon E-92 wind turbines have a total capacity of almost five MW. The wind farm is situated on a plateau close to the Bavarian border and is expected to be connected to the grid by the end of this year.

In the Bavarian small town of Wallmersbach, within the municipal boundaries of Uffenheim, juwi is setting up two wind turbines – one as EPC service provider to the city of Uffenheim and the local utility; the other one for the energy cooperative Reislein. The Vestas V112 wind turbine for the Uffenheim utility has an installed capacity of three MW. After being build it is completing the wind farm Wallmersbach and is meeting one third of the utility’s energy demand.

In Saxony, another local utility opts for juwi’s expertise. Close to the town of Hartenstein, in Thierfeld, juwi is currently constructing another Vestas V112 wind turbine as preferred EPC service provider. The turbine has an installed capacity of three MW and a hub height of 140 meters. It is scheduled to be connected to the grid in October.

In its home markets in South-West Germany juwi continues to be very active: This year, a total of 13 wind turbines have been built by the renewable energy specialist between Alsenz and Mörsfeld/Wendelsheim respectively on the heights to the left and the right of the Appel creek. The wind farm consists of Vestas V112 turbines and has a total capacity of 39 MW. Annually, they are producing more than 100 million kilowatt-hours of climate-friendly electricity – enough for 26,000 households.

Until mid-September, juwi has realized a total of about 20 projects with an installed capacity of approx. 180 MW in Germany. Beside its home market in Rhineland-Palatinate, the company’s focus is particularly on Bavaria and North Rhine-Westphalia. Several other projects are currently under construction. Thanks to its well-filled project pipeline juwi is looking optimistically into the year 2015.

juwi continues to be an internationally sought after EPC service provider
In Uruguay, juwi international GmbH has sold the project rights for one of the largest wind farms in the company’s history and its first in South America, and has retained responsibility for building the wind farm. The wind farm will have a total installed capacity of 50 MW and is expected to achieve commercial operation in mid-2015. The wind farm is located in Cerro Largo, next to the town of Melo, in Northern Uruguay, and will be owned and operated by a subsidiary of an Italian energy provider. The estimated annual production of approximately 200 million kilowatt hours of clean electricity will be sold to the state-owned energy provider UTE (Usinas y Transmisiones del Estado) as part of a 20-year PPA (power purchase agreement).

In the East-Canadian Province of Nova Scotia juwi has started to build four wind energy projects with a total capacity of 24 MW. juwi Wind Services Canada has developed the wind farms as a portfolio under the Nova Scotia Community Feed-In-Tariff program, where each project is partially owned by the local community. The wind farms are located in the following sites. Pockwock (10 MW), Millbrook (6 MW), Truro-Heights (4 MW) and Whynotts (4 MW).

In Allondrelle-la-Malmaison, next to the borders with Luxembourg and Belgium, juwi’s French subsidiary, juwi EnR, is currently building its tenth wind farm in France. After being fully operational in late autumn, the five Vestas V100 wind turbines will annually produce around 26 million kilowatt hours of eco-friendly electricity. For the first time, the juwi group collaborates with a French utility: The UEM group already bought the wind park.

juwi Operations and Maintenance presents itself in Hamburg
In addition to the juwi Energieprojekte GmbH and the juwi international GmbH another juwi company is presenting itself at the Hamburg wind expo: The juwi Operations and Maintenance GmbH.

Furthermore, the company is presenting the self-developed ‘juwi Energy Data Manager at the B&R booth in Hall B5 (booth 440). The high-tech concept expands and optimizes existing remote surveillance systems by providing operators of RE-power plants with real time data – be it a solar park, a wind farm, a biogas plant, or a combination of these.

Meet us at the Hamburg WindEnergy. We are looking forward to your visit. The juwi Energy Data Manager is presented at the B&R booth in Hall B5, booth 440.

About the juwi group
juwi is one of the world’s leading companies in the area of renewable energy with a strong regional presence. The company offers project development and EPC services as well as products and solutions for the energy turnaround. Our vision: 100 per cent renewable energies. Our impetus: Work together with passion to implement renewable energy economically and reliably. juwi is the competent partner for a sustainable energy supply with a regional focus.
Matthias Willenbacher and Fred Jung created the juwi group in 1996. Company activities are mainly projects with solar and wind. juwi has realized around 770 wind turbines with a total capacity of approx. 1,600 megawatts and has designed and constructed 1,500 solar power projects with a total capacity of around 1,400 megawatts. Combined, these energy systems produce around 5.5 billion kilowatt hours of clean energy per year, equalling the annual demand of around 1.5 million German households. Within the past 18 years, juwi has initiated an investment volume of around six billion euros to realize these projects.

Wörrstadt / Hamburg, September 22, 2014

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