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Publisher: wpd windmanager GmbH und Co. KG

wpd windmanager with three new projects in Finland

- Finnish portfolio increases to ten wind farms/Total international capacity of more than 1,000 MW

Bremen (renewablepress) - With the Vihreässari, Jeppo and Haukineva wind farms, the Bremenbased company wpd windmanager GmbH & Co. KG takes on the commercial and technical operation for three new projects of Denmark’s European Energy A/S. In Finland, the operating company from Bremen thus increases their portfolio from seven to ten projects, strengthening their market position. wpd windmanager acquired 75 per cent of their projects from external operators. "In choosing the operating manager, experience and know-how have been some of the decisive factors”, clarifies Johannes von Dechend, Senior Project Manager at European Energy. “This expertise plays an important role for the long-term operation of the wind farms and has thus been crucial for our negotiations with re:cap global investors ag."

Being a part of the Luxembourg special investment fund FP Lux Investments S.A. SICAV-SIF, the Swiss enterprise re:cap global investors ag has accompanied the acquisition of the three wind farms of the Danish projecting company European Energy as transaction manager. In addition re:cap will account for the asset management over the entire operation time. As of July 1, 2017, wpd windmanger has been mandated to operate the three wind farms of re:cap global investors. "With these projects we expand the FP Lux Investments portfolio of 530 Megawatt solar and wind power plants and add a new market. We rely on wpd windmanager, a very skilled partner with years of experience concerning Finnish wind farms and an own site in Oulu, Finland. Insofar we know the projects are in the best of hands and we can trust in the know-how and expertise with the specialties of the Finnish market", constitutes Anja Spannaus, Investment Director (asset management) at re:cap global investors, the decision in favor of wpd windmanager.

Other than the three new Finnish projects, with the Czyzewo wind farm in Poland, wpd windmanager has also taken over another project as operating manager. "With those new wind farms we are strengthening our international business", says Henning Rüpke, Technical Management International at wpd windmanager. "In total, our portfolio outside of Germany now consists of more than 1,000 Megawatt and 425 wind turbine generators." In Finland, five turbines of the type Vestas V126 add 17.25 Megawatt to the portfolio and in Poland, three turbines of the type Gamesa G90 add six Megawatt.

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About wpd windmanager
The market leader for commercial and technical operations of wind farms, wpd windmanager GmbH & Co. KG, situated in Bremen/Germany, employs about 345 people and takes care of 340 wind farms at home and abroad with 1,870 wind turbine generators and a combined output of 3,720 Megawatt. Due to the modular structure, clients are able to compile their individual wind farm management from basic and plus services – from the control room with 24/7 service, the technical controlling with field service on site through contract, insurance or quality management up to IT or QHSE. In the field of repowering or in the optimization of cost cutting and yield increase potentials in the wind farms as well, wpd windmanager has long years of experience. For some 20 years now, funds companies, national and international investors’ groups as well as institutional investors call on the know-how from Bremen. Besides Germany, wpd windmanager is also operating in Belgium, Finland, France, Croatia, Poland, Canada and Taiwan.

About re:cap global investors
re:cap global investors is an independent, internationally-oriented M&A advisor and asset manager for renewable energies. With a specialist team consisting largely of solar and wind energy experts, re:cap provides clients with services geared to the evaluation and selection of suitable projects. Where necessary, re:cap also acts as asset manager for the facilities, reviewing them regularly for potential process and profit optimisation. As a boutique, re:cap offers first-class, high-end advisory services to institutional investors seeking investment opportunities in infrastructure projects. We already acquired just over 500 megawatts on behalf of our clients.

About European Energy A/S
European Energy A/S, whose head office is in Copenhagen, Denmark, is a private company in the renewables sector, which develops, finances, constructs and operates solar PV and wind energy projects. Since 2004, it has implemented 65 wind projects and 29 solar projects in six countries. Together, they have an installed total capacity of 802 MW with an investment volume in excess of EUR 1 billion. European Energy A/S currently has nearly 500 MW of capacity in six countries in the realisation stage.

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Bremen, 02 August 2017

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