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Well over 100 Structural Monitoring Systems for Offshore Windparks

Emstek (renewablepress) - airwerk GmbH is market leader in Germany with well over 100 active systems installed offshore. The analysis of the monitoring data not only provides meaningful information about the dynamic properties of offshore structures, it also helps to predict potential problems and supports important maintenance tasks. This enables operators to keep an eye on both safety and cost aspects.

Monitoring Modules for Specific Requirements

airwerk has collected valuable data on the stability and integrity of the structures from the many offshore wind turbine structural monitoring systems it has installed in the German North and Baltic Seas over the years. Due to the vast experience of its experts and this enormous data basis, the company has developed tailor-made product and service modules for the offshore industry that meet the specific requirements of each operator.

A Wide Range of Customer Benefits

A wide range of factors contribute to customer benefits. airwerk GmbH uses its individually tailored monitoring systems and its web-based asset management tool SHManagerTM to precisely meet the requirements of every single customer - without any superfluous accessories. Customers also receive a tool kit for reducing O&M costs, e.g. due to periodic inspections. In addition, managers receive key information about the state of their assets, which is crucial when tackling questions regarding lifetime extension, operational security and predictive maintenance. airwerk also designs and implements systems to meet regulatory requirements, such as those of the BSH. For this purpose, airwerk engineers reliably compile the monitoring reports required to maintain the operating license. "airwerk has specialized in such complex tasks for a long time," explains Jens Krieger, technical director of the company.

Data Visualization Ensures a Reliable Overview

When dealing with complex monitoring tasks, providing highly qualified data evaluation alone is not sufficient. Data visualization provides a faster and more reliable overview and helps operators make daily decisions in all areas of asset management.

Many Successful Projects have Created Strong Customer Trust

airwerk has successfully completed projects in the following areas:
- Condition monitoring for park operators and investors
- Application of the observation method according to Eurocode 7
- Monitoring for individual case approvals
- Cost reduction of periodic inspections
- Substitute for underwater grout inspections
- Residual life analysis of the structures and lifetime extension
- Design verification of the structures
- Damage detection
- Eigen frequency analysis
- Operational optimization of the WTG

Visit airwerk from September 25 to 28 at the leading wind trade fair WindEnergy Hamburg in Hall A4, Booth 310.

About airwerk GmbH

airwerk GmbH was founded in 2003 and has since been active in the field of renewable energies. Since the beginning of 2011, airwerk and its team of highly qualified engineers and technicians, has offered on- / offshore engineering, consulting and metrological solutions for the wind industry. The services provided by airwerk range from planning, delivery and operation of wind measurement masts to structural health monitoring and life cycle engineering.

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airwerk structural monitoring for the fulfillment of regulatory requirements, reduction of O&M costs and support of asset management.
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Emstek, 17 September 2018

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