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Manifesto: Call for a successful Transition to Renewables in the Transportation Sector

21 Nov 2018 | Munich/Pforzheim (renewablepress) - Political course corrections, coupled with the alarming reports on climate conservation, have led the organizers behind Power2Drive Europe and other endorsers to initiate a manifesto. The aim is to deepen the close connection between e-mobility and renewable sources of energy and achieve a sustainable future. The smarter E Europe, the largest energy industry platform in Europe, will demonstrate the potential held by this combination of mobility and clean energy, and the pressing need to pay greater attention to sector coupling. Some of the declaration’s first signatories include the German Federal Assoc... read more...

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Asia-Pacific Contacts for Energy Businesses

07 May 2018 | - Cooperation between Schleswig-Holstein’s energy industry and the German Asia-Pacific Business Association Husum (renewablepress) - Just as in the western nations, China, Japan, South Korea and other emergent economic powers in the Asia-Pacific region want to shift to greater... read more...