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Subject: Consulting

Övermöhle Consult & Marketing GmbH

Current market study on wind energy: German market threatens to collapse even more dramatically – government still indecisive

03 Jul 2018 | Hamburg - With its "Concise Analysis of the Wind Energy Market in Germany 2018" , the Hamburg-based consulting firm Övermöhle Consult & Marketing (ÖCM) has published its latest projections for the development of the wind energy market. "Following last year's record expansion in the wind energy sector, the construction of new wind turbines will decrease considerably this year. According to the concrete plans of the surveyed wind power project planners, new onshore systems generating around 4,000 megawatts (minus 25 percent) will be built," explains ÖCM Managing Director Klaus Övermöhle. This negative trend will continue in 2019. If the Germ... read more...

Mäurer Coaching / Jürgen Mäurer

Development Problems in the Photovoltaic Business? Solutions by Mäurer...

19 Jun 2018 | Munich, Hamburg (renewablepress) - For years, the solar industry has been facing problems in finding and sustaining new markets worldwide. The key challenge is the identification of reputable, local cooperation partners who can quickly generate ready to build, bankable projects a... read more...