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Publisher: CEE Management GmbH

CEE Group Acquires 16.5 Megawatt Wind Farm From Max Bögl Group

Hamburg (renewablepress) - CEE Group, the Hamburg based renewable asset manager, has expanded its portfolio with the acquisition of Nonnweiler wind farm in Saarland, Germany; bringing CEE’s total renewable capacity to approximately 710 MW. Once commissioned, Nonnweiler wind farm will produce renewable power equivalent to saving around 30,000 tons of CO2 emissions annually.

The forest wind farm consists of six GE 2.75-120 turbines (hub height 139 metres) on the hybrid tower technology of the Max Bögl Group and has a total production capacity of 16.5 MW. CEE Operations GmbH will be responsible for commercial management of the wind farm, while Max Bögl Wind AG will supervise technical operations.

This is the second joint project for CEE and Max Bögl, following CEE’s acquisition of Asslar wind farm in 2018. Detlef Schreiber, CEO of CEE Group said: “We are pleased to have completed our second project in partnership with Max Bögl. The acquisition of Nonnweiler wind farm is in line with our objectives of growing our core business in Germany and France. Going forward, we are excited to continue to explore partnerships for future opportunities as CEE Group expands into new continental European markets.”

Guido Marks, Head of Wind Project Development at Max Bögl, commented: “We are delighted to complete the handover of Nonnweiler wind farm to a company with the expertise and experience of CEE Group. From development to commissioning we actively supported the project and optimised the planning responsibly. For example, as general contractor we installed the turbines with minimal forest clearance, utilising the Max Bögl rotating tower crane to reduce the clearance area required by more than one hectare.”

CEE Group
CEE Group, which is headquartered in Hamburg, is a private equity group that specialises in investing in physical assets and manages assets of about EUR 1.4 billion. CEE invests in energy generation projects in the wind and solar sectors. CEE Group’s investors are institutional investors with a long-term interest in the market for investments in renewables and physical assets. CEE Group was acquired by Brookfield Asset Management in 2017.

Max Bögl Wind AG

With its innovative technological solutions, Max Bögl Wind AG stands for a more efficient deployment of renewable energy and the active promotion of the shift towards sustainable energy. The company is Germany’s market leader in the production, supply and construction of hybrid towers and holds the record for the world’s highest wind power tower with a hub height of 178 metres.

Max Bögl Wind AG also sets new standards with technical innovations for energy storage. The Water Battery it has developed is a completely new type of large storage system which, for the first time, combines the production of electricity from renewable energies with a modern pumped-storage power plant. The turnkey portfolio complements the max. power division and develops suitable concepts to place and market the energy generated. Max Bögl Wind AG is a subsidiary of Max Bögl. The group from Sengenthal near Neumarkt i.d.Opf is one of the ten largest German companies in the construction industry and has operated in the wind segment since 2010. Established in 1929, the family-run firm generates annual revenues of more than EUR 1.65 billion worldwide with about 6,500 employees.

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Hamburg, 22 May 2019

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