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Publisher: energy & meteo systems GmbH, Pure Energy Elektrik Tedarik A.Ş.

Virtual Power Plant in Turkey integrates geothermal plants for the first time

- energy & meteo systems and Pure Energy support energy transition in the Turkish market


Oldenburg/Istanbul (renewablepress) - For the first time, geothermal plants with an installed capacity of 103 MW were recently added to the Virtual Power Plant in Turkey operated by Pure Energy. With this step the Turkish power trader and energy & meteo systems, the German provider of the Virtual Power Plant technology, have reached the next milestone in their collaboration.

Turkey is one of the largest producers of geothermal energy worldwide and is further expanding its share in the energy supply. By connecting geothermal power plants to a Virtual Power Plant they can directly participate in the Turkish power market. Pure Energy and energy & meteo systems have now paved the way for the integration of the first plants into an existing Virtual Power Plant.

Since 2017, Pure Energy uses energy & meteo systems´ Virtual Power Plant to bundle wind, solar and hydro power plants. This first and so far only Virtual Power Plant in Turkey enables Pure Energy to monitor, remote-control and optimally trade the energy produced by of the connected assets. By integrating geothermal plants, their energy output can now be marketed in the dynamic Turkish day-ahead and intraday markets as well. This optimises Pure Energy´s portfolio management while allowing plant operators to benefit from lower balancing energy costs.

Servet Akgün, co-founder and managing director of Pure Energy says: "We believe in a regenerative future, but also recognise the challenge of integrating intermittent generation into markets and grids, especially wind and solar. By aggregating distributed plants into a single, remote-controllable power pool we ensure their safe and economical operation. We are glad that energy & meteo systems provides us with their cutting-edge technology and smoothly integrated five geothermal plants into our portfolio.”

energy & meteo systems takes care of the whole set up and operational functionality of the Virtual Power Plant, including plant connection, master data organisation, quality assurance for measurements and development of operator communication. "We are excited to connect for the first time geothermal plants to a Virtual Power Plant," says Dr Ulrich Focken, co-founder and managing director of energy & meteo systems. “It is our goal to support with our Virtual Power Plant and power forecasts the integration of renewable energies on a global scale. Aggregating distributed assets and managing their power output is key to achieving a high share of clean energy in Turkey and in other markets.”

About Pure Energy

Pure Energy is a privately held company focusing on energy trading, origination and virtual power plant business with a disruptive and innovative approach. Based in Istanbul and Düsseldorf, the company is the first real-time Virtual Power Plant operator of Turkey improving the integration of the renewable energies into the Turkish power system. Pure Energy exclusively provides its services to renewable power plants in order to contribute to a sustainable and low-carbon future.

About energy & meteo systems GmbH

energy & meteo systems was founded in 2004 in Oldenburg, Germany, and offers cutting-edge services and software products which allow a smooth market and grid integration of wind and solar energy. The company is a leading international provider of wind and solar power forecasts for grid operators, power traders and plant operators. The market-leading Virtual Power Plant software is used by numerous utilities and power traders to pool and manage distributed energy units (solar, wind, storage, flexible consumers) for different business purposes. energy & meteo systems has 100 employees and provides its services to more than 400 GW of installed wind and solar power in around 60 countries.

Oldenburg/Istanbul, 01 September 2020

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