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VSB becomes photovoltaic supplier of

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Nîmes (renewablepress) - VSB Énergies nouvelles has been selected as official national supplier for photovoltaic solutions for 1,590 Système U stores - a French retailers’ cooperative.

Having set itself ambitious goals in the reduction of the business’s carbon emissions, the supermarket cooperative Système U launched an official solar tender at the beginning of 2019 to select three photovoltaic suppliers that are able to support its ambitions.

VSB is one of the selected suppliers out of twelve that took part in the tender. VSB Énergies nouvelles with its photovoltaic expertise along the entire value chain will support the independent store managers of Système U during the whole process: from the development and construction to the operation and maintenance of solar power plants. With 1,590 stores, the potential for installing photovoltaic systems on rooftops as well as car park canopies offers a great opportunity for VSB Énergies nouvelles in France.

“By developing solar projects for Système U, VSB fulfils one of its core missions: produce renewable energy locally and empower energy users through on-site use of the solar energy. This success confirms our expertise and the quality level of our services,” says Francois Trabucco, Managing Director of VSB Énergies nouvelles.

France is one of the VSB Group’s key markets and has a great growth potential for renewable energies. The large-scale expansion of wind and sun is going to be decisive in the government’s goal to reach 40% green energy generation by 2030. Through its selection as an official photovoltaic supplier of Système U, VSB Énergies nouvelles thus asserts its level of expertise in the provision of services for third parties and in the implementation of self-consumption projects, two strong axes of the strategy on the French market.

VSB Énergies nouvelles – a subsidiary of the VSB Group

The VSB Group, with its headquarters in Dresden, Germany, is one of the leading full-service providers in the renewable energies sector. It’s core business is the international project development, operation and maintenance of wind and photovoltaic parks. Since 1996 VSB has set up over 600 wind energy and photovoltaic plants with around 900 megawatts installed capacity and an investment volume of 1.4 billion Euro. The group and associated companies employ 300 employees at 19 locations, including five in France. VSB Énergies nouvelles was founded in 2001.

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Nîmes, 30 September 2019

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The future of our energy supply is in renewables. This has been VSB Group’s guiding principle since 1996. And it’s been successful, too. From its head office in Dresden, the consultancy has become an international provider of wind energy and photovoltaic solutions. VSB adds value throughout the entire project life cycle, from securing land through approval planning and implementation to operations. We also offer our clients and investors a full range of specialized services and operate as a general contractor. We aim to provide quality, optimal project management, high-value components and excellent partners.

VSB implements environmentally-friendly projects, reducing CO2 emissions by several thousand tonnes. With our partners, we help municipal councils and mayors to develop and implement energy- and climate-driven concepts. Our common goal is to create a reliable energy supply, use energy consciously and efficiently and at low cost. This enables us to involve citizens comprehensively at an early stage, build acceptance and develop individual participation models.

Over 350 employees in Germany, Europe and around the world are engaged to make our vision of 100 percent energy generation from renewables a reality. For example, we have already succeeded in connecting roughly more than 700 wind energy and photovoltaic plants to the grid. Many other projects are currently in development with cooperation partners, municipalities, citizens and investors.

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