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Nordex SE

Nordex Group receives three new orders totalling 172 MW from the Netherlands

05.02.2020 | Hamburg (renewablepress) - In addition to the already published European orders received end of 2019, in December the Nordex Group was awarded on top to those orders a contract to install the Dutch wind farm "De Drentse Monden en Oostermoer" (DMO) as well. The manufacturer will supply 44 N131/3900 turbines including the foundations with a capacity of 171.6 MW to its customers Duurzame Energieproductie Exloermond BV, Raedthuys DDM B.V. and Windpark Oostermoer Exploitatie B.V.. Together these three projects form the "DMO (De Drentse Monden en Oostermoer)" wind farm. Nordex will also be providing service for all these turbines after insta... ... weiter...

Nordex SE

The Nordex Group to build two more wind farms for Vattenfall in the Ne...

17.02.2020 | Hamburg (renewablepress) - The Nordex Group has received in the last quarter of 2018 an order from Vattenfall to supply and install 13 turbines for two projects in the Netherlands. The 22 MW "Haringvliet" project includes six N117/3675 machines and the 27 MW "Moerdijk" projec... ... weiter...

Deutsche Windtechnik AG

Deutsche Windtechnik expands its service business in the Netherlands

12.02.2020 | Bremen, Utrecht (renewablepress) - Deutsche Windtechnik is announcing a new contract in the Netherlands: Starting in April 2018, Deutsche Windtechnik B.V. will take over complete maintenance for the Koegorspolder C.V. wind farm. The wind farm, which is located in the south-we... ... weiter...

Nordex SE

Nordex Awarded 180-MW Project in the Netherlands

12.02.2020 | Hamburg (renewablepress) - Vattenfall, owner of the Dutch utility Nuon, yesterday signed a contract for the delivery of 50 N117/3600 turbines with the Nordex Group in Amsterdam. The project “Wieringermeer” is one of the biggest onshore projects for Vattenfall in Europe. Th... ... weiter...

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