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Publisher: Deutsche Windtechnik AG

Deutsche Windtechnik AG establishes new companies in the Netherlands and Denmark

Bremen/Utrecht - Deutsche Windtechnik AG sets up two new companies in other European countries: Deutsche Windtechnik BV in the Netherlands and Deutsche Windtechnik ApS in Denmark. The service specialist for wind turbines thereby lays the national foundations for serving the growing demand of operators and energy suppliers in both countries, in the form of a qualified alternative to the service offered by manufacturers. Both companies shall initially handle orders in the offshore sector; in the medium term, however, they also plan to take on projects on land. Geert Timmers, Country Manager for the Netherlands, leads the Dutch business unit from the head office in Utrecht. Carl Rasmus Richardsen and Jens Landwehr, who already form the management of Deutsche Windtechnik Offshore & Consulting, assume management of the Danish company.

Together with the sites in Germany, Great Britain, Poland and Spain, the decentralised Deutsche Windtechnik service network now spans 76 service stations and operating sites throughout Europe. “It’s very important for us that our management, the service teams and the relevant storage sites are also operated close to the clients and the supported wind parks across Europe. Only in this way will we also be able to continue to realise our qualities such as speed and flexibility at a European level,” Matthias Brandt explains, Management Board of Deutsche Windtechnik AG.

Beginning with offshore projects
Deutsche Windtechnik now offers the complete service for wind turbines from a single source in both the Netherlands and Denmark: from the rotors, the turbines, the towers, the foundations, but also the transformer stations and the entire electrical infrastructure. The focus in both countries is first of all to supply inspections, maintenance and repair services for the offshore turbines wind market. Deutsche Windtechnik is already successfully delivering such services in the German wind farms Butendiek and Dan Tysk.

Increasing need for services in the Netherlands
“I think the time is just right,” says Geert Timmers, summarising the motives for establishing the Dutch company. “On the one hand, there is a drive towards more wind power in the Netherlands, both on land and at sea. The Borssele wind farms are only the first of a total of 3500 MW new offshore wind power, but also the wind capacity onshore will grow massively. At the same time, the pressure for lower cost of electricity has never been higher.” Power prices are low and the Dutch government is eager to spend as little as possible on subsidies. So, there is a growing need for service companies that combine wind expertise and cost efficiency.

Denmark remains an important wind-power location
Denmark continues to be of particular importance: both in terms of the offshore sector and as a logistics location, the country plays a central role, not least due to the manufacturers and available skills which are also present there.
“Establishing a company here is simply a logical continuation of the excellent business relations we already enjoy with partners in this country. To begin with, we will primarily focus on serving this country’s offshore wind parks – including the Butendiek and Dan Tysk wind parks,” Carl Rasmus Richardsen states.

Deutsche Windtechnik AG: Complete service for wind turbines
Deutsche Windtechnik, with its headquarters in Bremen, is a leading provider of independent technical maintenance services for wind turbines. The company offers a complete package for the technical maintenance of both onshore and offshore wind turbines. It services over 3,500 wind turbines in Europe, 2,592 of which as part of permanent maintenance contracts (basic maintenance and full service onshore). Deutsche Windtechnik began providing its services in the offshore segment eight years ago.

Bremen/Utrecht, 15 October 2015

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Karola Kletzsch
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