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22 years of pioneering sustainable projects greenValue GmbH
Energiequelle GmbH opens new office in Münster Energiequelle GmbH
RENAC's in-person courses expanded to include hydrogen and wind turbin... Renewables Academy (RENAC) AG
Energiequelle GmbH achieves a turnover of just under 160 million in 20... DE191803457
Dr. Juliane Berghold becomes new Vice President at Energiequelle GmbH DE191803457
Energiequelle GmbH hires 300th employee DE191803457
Virtual and live in April: Hands-on training ‘Introduction to Renewabl... DE258659985
Energiequelle GmbH once again awarded CrefoZert credit rating certific... DE191803457
New Energy Scout GmbH becomes part of Basler & Hofmann AG CH105951162
The Renewables Academy expands international financial training offeri... DE258659985
Berlin Renewables Academy expands its e-learning offering to over 100 ... DE258659985
Network faults? Proven not a problem for regenerative generation units... delta energiel
Successful start: The Renewables Academy (RENAC) now offers the intern... DE258659985
Capcora advised Green Genius on securing EUR 30m financing for renewab... DE308103654
The smarter E Europe DE813182707
Statkraft und energy & meteo systems DE235957935
Manifesto: Call for a successful Transition to Renewables in the Trans... DE813182707
New Technical Guidelines for the measurement of the electrical charact... FGW e.V. F
Rapid electrification and rise of wind and solar drive massive expansi... DNV GL
Asia-Pacific Contacts for Energy Businesses EE.SH / Wirtschaftsf
Public and bilingual consultation on the FGW regulations for proof of ... FGW e.V. F
PPAs, funds and tax certificates for the wind industry EE.SH / Wirtschaftsf
WSB now is VSB DE260681878
Green shares on the upturn: RENIXX World gains 31 percent in 2015 DE205640004
"Litigation Funding" for an arbitration proceeding against... DIKEOS Abogados
New service links power and payment in biomethane market DE266587063
Shaping the future DE266587063
Accreditation according the new standard DIN EN ISO/IEC 17065 for ABE ... DE265145536
New financing concept completed for juwi AG juwi AG, MVV Energie AG
A pilot project with TÜV SÜD confirms BayWa r.e. as an energ... DE266587063
After Fukushima: German electricity rates drop by 50 percent DE205640004
Good annual result despite political disturbances DE811960204
BayWa r.e. expands renewables business to Scandinavia DE266587063
Germany: Increasing surpluses reach billions of Euros in the EEG levy ... DE205640004
BayWa r.e. builds biomethane plant in Dessau DE266587063
Climate: Worldwide CO2 emissions climb 1.3% to new record level in 201... DE205640004
Stock Exchange: USA overtakes China in renewable stock index RENIXX Wo... DE205640004
RENERCO AG now trading under the BayWa r.e. brand DE266587063
Third black year for green stocks DE205640004
Climate protection requires relaunch: Investment instead of limitation DE205640004
Climate Saver - Champion Denmark Invites the World Kromrey Kommunikation
juwi Enters APAC Markets with Photovoltaic Plants juwi Holding AG
Industry expert to strengthen international sales at ÖKOBIT GmbH
juwi Group Strengthens its Management Board / Martin Winter is the new... juwi Holding AG
M&A activity in the Renewable Energy sector is set to increase / M... R
Integration of renewables - High penetration issues: Understanding and... DE209264797
Potential for a more efficient use of biogenic waste ENERCHANGE, Messe M
New trade fair and congress covering all renewable energies Kromrey Kommunikation
Another black year for green shares DE205640004
Food and Fuel John Deere European Technology Innovatio...
ECURITAS Insurance Broker GmbH insures hydrogen hybrid power plant of ... ECURITAS Insurance Broker GmbH
Inauguration of Hungary's most cutting-edge biogas plant in Szarvas BayWa AG
Climate change: increased investment required worldwide in renewables DE205640004
M&A activity in the Renewable Energy sector is set to increase, wi... R
bioenergy systems to extend board of management - Involvement of Bernh... bioenergy systems N.V.
RENIXX World closes at its lowest levels for 6 years DE205640004
Worldwide First Terra Preta Plant Inaugmented juwi Holding AG
Changes within the Executive Board of the BGZ AG BGZ-Gruppe
Study of German Federal Environment Ministry reveals: RENIXX World is ... DE205640004
juwi becomes global player juwi Holding AG
New Energy Husum records massive growth figures MESSE HUSUM/HWG mbh & Co. KG
juwi founders named "Green Tech Managers of the Year" juwi Holding AG
Advance for Biogas in France Sterr-K
BGZ-Group enforces Executive Boards BGZ-Gruppe
juwi Founders Named Entrepreneurs of the Year - Fred Jung and Matthi... juwi Holding AG
CHOREN and GERMAN PELLETS to join forces in commercial cultivation of ... CHOREN Industries GmbH, GERMAN PELLETS G...
Big celebration at juwi draws 7,000 guests juwi Holding AG
Siemens to acquire 25 percent stake in BGZ Beteiligungsgesellschaft Zu... BGZ Gruppe, Siemens AG
German Federal Minister Gabriel: nuclear power is incompatible with re... International Economic Platform for Rene...
M+W Zander receives order for "Blue Tower" biomass power plant MWZ Group GmbH
Juwi defies the worldwide economic crisis juwi Holding AG
After the difficult 2007/08 financial year, BKN biostrom AG anticipate... BKN biostrom AG
Southern Germany at the center of the booming wood pellets market: ove... DE813182707
BKN biostrom AG sells its biodiesel business. Group reorientation thus... BKN biostrom AG
Production capacity grows: 2.6 million tons of wood pellets to be prod... DE813182707
Wood pellet consumers unaffected by oil price increase DE813182707
BKN biostrom AG secures more than 40 additional biogas projects via co... BKN biostrom AG
WELtec BioPower is currently erecting the world's largest biogas plant... WELtec BioPower GmbH
BKN BioKraftstoff Nord AG becomes BKN biostrom AG. Sales and earnings ... BKN biostrom AG
Renewable energy shows strong growth worldwide International Economic Platform for Rene...
BKN BioKraftstoff Nord AG: Federal government BKN BioKraftstoff Nord AG
BKN BioKraftstoff Nord: Joint Venture founded for France, BKN BioKraftstoff Nord AG
Renewable Shares: Stellar Trading in 2007 <br><FONT SIZE=-2> International Economic Platform for Rene...
IWR compiles the first basic cluster study for renewable energy techno... International Economic Platform for Rene...
German-Danish alliance against climate change MESSE HUSUM/HWG mbh & Co. KG
Biokraftstoff Nord AG: Biogas subsidiary Biostrom acquires largest ord... BKN BioKraftstoff Nord AG
BioKraftstoff Nord AG completely takes over BIOSTROM and makes changes... BKN BioKraftstoff Nord AG
RENIXX Heavy Weights: The market value of renewable energy companies i... International Economic Platform for Rene...
BKN subsidiary biostrom realizes first bioenergy project in Switzerlan... BKN BioKraftstoff Nord AG
Empowering the Future: 30 Years of SOKRATHERM SOKRATHERM GmbH & Co. KG Energie- und W
M+W Zander to carry out pre-study for world M+W Zander FE GmbH
Biodiesel capacity reaches record level in 2007 International Economic Platform for Rene...
First world map of the renewable energy industry International Economic Platform for Rene...
Renewable stocks: RENIXX World off to a successful start with its new ... International Economic Platform for Rene...
RENIXX World: Renewable stock index extended to 30 companies International Economic Platform for Rene...
ENERTRAG Hybrid Energy Plant Off the Starting Blocks ENERTRAG AG
Renewable Energies International Economic Platform for Rene...
Conergy doubles sales in first quarter to EUR 173 million Conergy AG
The Spanish Ministry for Industry, Tourism and Commerce has presented ... DIKEOS Abogados