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  • Nordex still on a growth trajectory in France

  • Nordex Group opens branch office in Australia

  • Nordex Group launches 140 meter-rotor for AW3000 platform

  • ProfEC Ventus releases "ONE STOP WIND SHOP" for accredited wind measurement systems and calibrated sensors

  • Deutsche Windtechnik renews its brand identity – internationalisation continues to move forward

  • Nordex entering 4 MW class with powerful turbine

  • Nordex awarded new contract in France again

  • Nordex wins out again in Turkey - now with the N131/3600 too

  • Directors released from liability - wpd windmanager to take on operators’ responsibility for wind farms

  • Nordex awarded new contracts for 81 MW in Germany

  • Nordex receives order for eleven N117/3600 turbines from Norway

  • Nordex installs multi-megawatt turbine on 134 metre tubular steel tower for the first time

  • ABO Wind sells portfolio of 100 megawatts in France

  • World Small Wind Conference at Intersolar Europe 2017

  • REETEC launch a field test to enhance safety at onshore sites

  • Nordex service business: order to modernise 63 multi-megawatt turbines

  • Intersolar Europe 2017: Collaboration between Wind and Solar Energy in the Workshop

  • CEE Group acquires wind farm with a capacity of 27.6 megawatts in Brandenburg from Green Wind Energy and European Energy A/S

  • Nordex secured a 195 MW contract in Brazil

  • juwi Commissions Second Industrial Size Roof-Mounted PV System in South Africa

  • Nordex widening range of turbines for medium and light-wind regions

  • Nordex receives new order in Finland

  • OIS offshore Industrie Service GmbH and Green Wind Offshore GmbH acquire service contract for DolWin3

  • Nordex grows in Germany and gains market share

  • Nordex installs the first N131/3600 – product launch on schedule

  • Nordex: first N117/3600 to start operation in November

  • Tail wind for Nordex in Germany

  • BayWa r.e. sells 30 MW wind farm in the UK

  • Concentrated Competence – wpd windmanager and BELFOR to develop integrated solution concept for average management

  • iSpin Guardian approach provides transparency in wind farm performance monitoring

  • Deutsche Windtechnik has been commissioned to provide maintenance for six Senvion 5M turbines at the first German offshore wind park alpha ventus

  • Nordex Group forms partnership with Lufthansa Aerial Services

  • Nordex Group sells almost 72 MW in Germany

  • Nordex Ireland: 27.5 MW for the Emerald Isle

  • Nordex Group confirms negotiations with Acciona Energia in Chile

  • Nordex Group to build 66 MW wind farm in Brazil

  • Nordex raises earnings guidance following a strong first half

  • Nordex secures 243 MW order for U.S. wind farm

  • ProfEC Ventus becomes member of international Measuring Network of Wind Energy Institutes

  • A boost from Ireland

  • Nordex to supply five N100/2500s to project developed in-house in France

  • Resurgence in Greece: Nordex receives two orders totalling more than 30 MW

  • Extension for Kivivaara wind farm: Nordex raises capacity to 57 MW

  • juwi Group with Positive Result and Higher Revenue

  • Nordex: 162 percent increase in installations in Germany

  • Ever higher for greater yields: Nordex installing the world’s tallest wind turbine

  • Fewer turbines, greater output: Nordex to repower the Altenbruch wind farm

  • Intersolar Europe 2016: BayWa r.e. to receive the first VDE certificate for ground mounted photovoltaic plants

  • "Crockdun" and "Moy" take Nordex past milestones in UK and Ireland

  • Nordex to install 32,5 MW wind farm in France

  • BayWa r.e. signs Power Purchase Agreement at Vine Farm in England – its largest solar project to date

  • Wind Meets Solar and Storage: EES Europe points the way to the clean energy generation of the future

  • Quarterly report: Nordex entering 2016 with double-digit sales growth

  • Nordex secures orders for two Irish wind farms totalling 42.5MW

  • Deutsche Windtechnik Assumes Responsibility for Servicing Nordex N117 Turbines

  • Upbeat in the US: Nordex connects two new projects to the grid

  • For greater citizens’ acceptance: Nordex now with needs-based aviation obstruction lights on wind turbines

  • Nordex obtains orders for more than 40 MW in Turkey

  • ProfEC Ventus is the second company in the world that has been accredited for the calibration of wind vanes

  • Green light received for merger between Nordex and Acciona Windpower

  • First “green Schuldschein” worth EUR 550 million successfully issued by Nordex

  • BayWa r.e. commissions six solar parks in the UK

  • Bachmann Monitoring Further Extends Condition Monitoring for Offshore Wind Turbines in the North Sea

  • W&W Counts on wpd windmanger’s Experience and Competence

  • Third call-off from frame contract for Nordex in Finland

  • Deutsche Windtechnik and world market leader Corrosion conclude contract for maintenance of 284 offshore corrosion protection systems

  • Deutsche Windtechnik takes over all offshore maintenance contracts from Dutch construction company Ballast Nedam N.V.

  • Spinner anemometer technology can now be used to measure power curves in accordance with IEC standards

  • Younicos: Islands show how the energy transition works!

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Latest Original Press Releases

Capcora GmbH, 2. Herausgeber:, 3. Herausgeber:

Ebert Erneuerbare Energien sells part of the Grohnde wind farm with 10.35 MW to Trianel - Capcora advised

16 Jan 2020 | Frankfurt am Main (renewablepress) - Project developer Ebert Erneuerbare Energien with offices in Cremlingen (near Braunschweig) and Kiel sells three wind turbines of the Grohnde wind farm in Lower Saxony to Trianel Erneuerbare Energien GmbH & Co. KG (TEE). The parties have agreed not to disclose the purchase price. The advisory firm Capcora was responsible for the transaction as a sell-side advisor. The owner-managed family company Ebert Erneuerbare Energien sells three wind turbines from the Grohnde-Kirchohsen wind farm with a total output of 10.35 MW. The Grohnde wind farm has a total of eight wind turbines with a total capacity of 2... read more...

Deutsche Windtechnik AG, 2. Herausgeber:, 3. Herausgeber:

Deutsche Windtechnik will be providing maintenance for Vestas V112 tur...

16 Jan 2020 | Bremen (renewablepress) - Starting in February 2020, Deutsche Windtechnik will be taking over maintenance at the Bokel-Ellerdorf wind farm, Part 3. The new service contract covers full maintenance for the six Vestas V112 wind turbines, including large components. The reasons ... read more...

wpd windmanager GmbH & Co. KG., 2. Herausgeber:, 3. Herausgeber:

Happy New Year, wpd windmanager Finland!

15 Jan 2020 | wpd windmanager with Finnish website/Exhibitor at the "Wind Finland" in Oulu Bremen (renewablepress) - Puhumme suomea: We speak Finnish – this is the motto of wpd windmanager GmbH & Co. KG at the beginning of 2020. The operations manager of wind farms goes online with a furt... read more...

Nordex SE, 2. Herausgeber:, 3. Herausgeber:

Nordex Group increases order intake to 6.2 gigawatts in 2019

15 Jan 2020 | • Orders of 1.5 gigawatts (GW) received in the fourth quarter of 2019 • Order intake up 31 percent for the full year 2019 • Delta4000 series makes up 44 percent of all orders Hamburg (renewablepress) - The Nordex Group today announced that it continued to receive a large n... read more...

Nordex SE, 2. Herausgeber:, 3. Herausgeber:

Ardian and OX2 switch to N149/5.X turbines at Swedish 286 MW Åndberg w...

10 Jan 2020 | • First wind farm to utilize N149/5.X turbines • In December 2019, Ardian, a leading private investment house, and OX2, a leading Nordic developer, signed an agreement with Nordex to utilize more powerful turbines at the Åndberg windfarm Hamburg (renewablepress) - Ardian an... read more...

Nordex SE, 2. Herausgeber:, 3. Herausgeber:

Nordex Group receives three new orders totalling 172 MW from the Nethe...

08 Jan 2020 | - Manufacturer to supply 44 turbines with minimal electromagnetic radiation Hamburg (renewablepress) - In addition to the already published European orders received end of 2019, in December the Nordex Group was awarded on top to those orders a contract to install the Dutch ... read more...

Capcora GmbH, 2. Herausgeber:, 3. Herausgeber:

Capcora advises innogy on the sale of a wind farm participation

07 Jan 2020 | Frankfurt am Main (renewablepress) - Capcora, a consulting firm specialized on real assets, successfully accompanied the energy company innogy SE on the sale of an onshore wind farm participation in Germany. Capcora took over the process in May 2019 and was able to settle the sal... read more...

Nordex SE, 2. Herausgeber:, 3. Herausgeber:

Successful end-of-year business in Europe: Nordex Group receives order...

07 Jan 2020 | Hamburg (renewablepress) - In December 2019, the Nordex Group received orders totalling 308 MW from diverse countries in Europe. The main sales market was Turkey with three projects totalling 105 MW. In addition to orders from Spain and Italy, among others, the Nordex Group secur... read more...

Capcora GmbH, 2. Herausgeber:, 3. Herausgeber:

Claritas Poland secures new bridge financing of EUR 12.5m for further ...

31 Dec 2019 | Frankfurt am Main (renewablepress) - Solar investor Claritas Poland Energy BV (“Claritas Poland”) receives another bridge financing facility for 25 new projects located in Poland benefitting from the November 2018 auction. The projects have already started construction and are be... read more...

Internationales Wirtschaftsforum Regener..., 2. Herausgeber:, 3. Herausgeber:

Climate change boosts green stocks – RENIXX World gains 58 percent

31 Dec 2019 | Münster - The renewable energy industrial index RENIXX World ended 2019 with significant gains. The global stock index for renewables closed at 58.2 percent (672.44 points) higher than the previous year's closing value (2018: 424.93 points), reported the Münster-based IWR, a Müns... read more...

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Capcora GmbH, 2. Herausgeber:, 3. Herausgeber:

Capcora arranges mezzanine bridge financing of EUR 10 million for Fami...

23 Dec 2019 | Frankfurt am Main (renewablepress) - The consulting firm Capcora, specialized on real assets, once again arranged mezzanine capital for the financing of onshore wind projects in Germany. The funds will be used to recapitalize tied-up equity in an existing project with a capacity ... read more...

Capcora GmbH, 2. Herausgeber:, 3. Herausgeber:

Vodasun and Fellensiek Projektmanagement secure revolving bridge facil...

20 Dec 2019 | Frankfurt am Main (renewablepress) - Capcora, a consulting firm specialized in real assets, arranged two follow-on financings for the realization of different project pipelines in Germany in an amount of approx. 40 MWp per year. Capcora was individually mandated by Vodasun Group ... read more...

CEE Management GmbH, DunoAir Windpark Planung GmbH, 3. Herausgeber:

CEE Group acquires further wind farm in Germany from DunoAir

16 Dec 2019 | Hamburg (renewablepress) - CEE Group, the Hamburg-based renewable asset manager and DunoAir, an experienced wind energy project development company based in The Netherlands, announced today that CEE has acquired the Schwalbach wind farm in Saarland in Germany from DunoAir. The ac... read more...

Nordex SE, 2. Herausgeber:, 3. Herausgeber:

Nordex Group scores in service: Customers extend service contracts for...

16 Dec 2019 | Hamburg (renewablepress) - The Nordex Group has received three new orders for the full maintenance of a total of 61 turbines in Uruguay and the US. In Uruguay, the Nordex Group will maintain 21 N117/2400 turbines at the Florida wind farm, near the city of Florida, about 110 k... read more...

Nordex SE, 2. Herausgeber:, 3. Herausgeber:

Nordex Group now manufacturing Delta4000 turbines in La Vall d’Uixó pl...

13 Dec 2019 | • Milestone towards increasing production capacity for the global market Hamburg (renewablepress) - The Nordex Group started producing turbines of the Delta4000 series at its factory in La Vall d’Uixó, Spain. After the German production facility in Rostock this is the secon... read more...

VSB Holding GmbH, 2. Herausgeber:, 3. Herausgeber:

VSB Group: Successful market entry in South Korea - 35 MW project sec...

12 Dec 2019 | Dresden/Seoul (renewablepress) - The VSB Group continues its international expansion. The newly founded Korean subsidiary "VSB Renewable Energy Korea Ltd.", based in Seoul, secures a 35 MW project. With a team of national and international wind experts, the "VSB Renewable Ener... read more...

Nordex SE, 2. Herausgeber:, 3. Herausgeber:

The Nordex Group to supply N149 turbines for an 86 MW project for Main...

12 Dec 2019 | Hamburg (renewablepress) - The Nordex Group has received its first order for its N149/4.0-4.5 turbines from Chile. Mainstream Renewable Power, the global wind and solar development company, has ordered 18 turbines from the Delta4000 series for the "Alena" wind farm. The Nordex G... read more...

Nordex SE, 2. Herausgeber:, 3. Herausgeber:

The Nordex Group wins a new contract for construction of a 62 MW wind ...

11 Dec 2019 | Hamburg (renewablepress) - The Nordex Group has once again won an order for the construction of a wind farm with large turbines in Turkey and underlined its market-leading position. The company will supply thirteen N133/4.8 turbines for the Mersinli wind farm. The 62.4 MW order a... read more...

Kaiserwetter Energy Asset Management Gmb..., 2. Herausgeber:, 3. Herausgeber:

ARISTOTELES Sky – The Energy Cloud for Nations

10 Dec 2019 | Kaiserwetter opens up a new era of effective climate governance presenting its new B2G product at the COP25 Sustainable Innovation Forum in Madrid Madrid (renewablepress) - Theoretically, countries like Spain and Germany are already there: In both countries, renewable energy... read more...

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energy consult GmbH, 2. Herausgeber:, 3. Herausgeber:

PNE Group acquires Rope Access Solutions GmbH

09 Dec 2019 | • Expansion of the range of services in accordance with the scale-up strategy • All employees of Rope Access Solutions GmbH taken over Cuxhaven (renewablepress) - The wind farm management company energy consult GmbH, which is part of the PNE Group, has acquired Rope Acces... read more...

Nordex SE, 2. Herausgeber:, 3. Herausgeber:

Nordex Group receives contracts for projects over 128 MW from Europe

09 Dec 2019 | Hamburg (renewablepress) - In November, the Nordex Group received orders totalling 128 MW from seven customers from Ireland, Germany, France and Sweden. Construction of the projects will start in 2020 and 2021. The N149/4.0-4.5, N100/3300 and N117/3600 turbines were in this i... read more...

Solar Promotion GmbH, EuPD Research Sustainable Management Gmb..., BSW - Bundesverband Solarwirtschaft e. V...

More than 50,000 new jobs through photovoltaics and storage technology

05 Dec 2019 | Bonn/Berlin/Pforzheim (renewablepress) - In order to avoid a shortfall in electricity generation as a result of the nuclear and coal phaseout, photovoltaic and storage capacities must be expanded. By the year 2030, this would enable the creation of more than 50,000 new jobs in Ge... read more...

Nordex SE, 2. Herausgeber:, 3. Herausgeber:

The Nordex Group receives order from Turkey for 77 MW

05 Dec 2019 | Hamburg (renewablepress) - Business in Turkey continues to improve for the Nordex Group. The turbine manufacturer has received an order from its new customer Karayel Elektrik: the Nordex Group is to install 16 N149/4.0-4.5 turbines for the 76.8 MW "Vize-2" wind farm. The machines... read more...

Nordex SE, 2. Herausgeber:, 3. Herausgeber:

The Nordex Group wins 138 megawatt order from Mexico

04 Dec 2019 | Hamburg (renewablepress) - The Nordex Group has received an order to supply and install a total of 40 AW132/3300 and two AW132/3000 turbines with a combined rated output of 138 megawatts. The order also includes a two-year Full Service contract. The project will be built in th... read more...

DrehPunkt GmbH, 2. Herausgeber:, 3. Herausgeber:

Independent Software Solution for Data Retrieval from Senvion Turbines

25 Nov 2019 | Rostock (renewablepress) - The insolvency of Senvion GmbH raises many questions for the future monitoring of Senvion turbines. At the moment it is unclear if the online portal provided by the manufacturer remains in operation. Some operators have already reported that turbine dat... read more...

Capcora GmbH, 2. Herausgeber:, 3. Herausgeber:

SUNfarming secures EUR 17 million fresh money for new PV projects in P...

22 Nov 2019 | Frankfurt am Main (renewablepress) - SUNfarming Group from Erkner has secured two new bridge financing facilities from various debt funds. The funds will be used to expand the existing portfolio in Poland to a total capacity of approx. 60 MWp in the short term. The consulting fir... read more...

Next2Sun GmbH, 2. Herausgeber:, 3. Herausgeber:

Next2Sun concept empowers agricultural farms in Ireland by solar power

20 Nov 2019 | Freiburg (renewablepress) - Two agro-photovoltaic open space plants with the Next2Sun concept have been constructed and put into operation in Waterford, Ireland. The PV-plants have an energy output of 25 and 27 kW peak and each are expected to produce 30 MWh per annum, covering t... read more...

Deutsche Pfandverwertung, 2. Herausgeber:, 3. Herausgeber:

Announcement of the public auction on 29.11.19 of three Winergy gearbo...

15 Nov 2019 | Dietramszell (renewablepress) - On Friday, 29 November 2019 at 13:00 (CET) in the conference room "Goltstein" of the Hotel Meliá in Inselstraße 2, 40479 Düsseldorf, the sale of three Winergy gearboxes for Senvion wind turbines by way of public auction in accordance with § 647 BGB... read more...