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Publisher: Nordex SE

Extension for Kivivaara wind farm: Nordex raises capacity to 57 MW

- Finnish customer orders six more Delta turbines

Hamburg (renewablepress) - Second helping in Finland: the customer Taaleri has ordered six more turbines from the Nordex Group for its \"Kivivaara-Peuravaara\" wind farm. The asset management company founded in 2010 is adding a further six N131/3000 machines to its wind farm located in the north-east of the country.

The turbines from the Delta series are to be installed on 144 m tubular steel towers by the late summer of 2017 and are to be equipped with the anti-icing system (AIS). This configuration means that Taaleri can generate electricity extremely efficiently even in the difficult climatic conditions with low temperatures in this mountainous forest region. In addition to this, the customer has concluded a Premium full service agreement for 15 years - as for the first phase of the project, which totals 39 MW.

\"The collaboration with Taaleri is a major contributory factor in our continuing success in the Finnish market. This project is the best confirmation of our good customer relationship,\" says CSO Patxi Landa.

Nordex signed a frame agreement with Taaleri in mid-2012 and has since successfully implemented five projects. The extension of the \"Kivivaara-Peuravaara\" project is a further call-off from the frame agreement signed in mid-2015.

With more than 100 turbines installed to date and a capacity of more than 280 MW, Nordex has been one of the leading suppliers in Finland for some years now thanks to being able to offer suitable technology, especially the Anti Icing System.

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The Group has installed wind power capacity of more than 18 GW in over 25 markets. In 2015, Nordex and Acciona Windpower recorded combined sales of EUR 3.4 billion. The Company currently has over 4,800 employees. The production network comprises plants in Germany, Spain, Brazil, the United States and soon also India. The product range primarily concentrates on onshore turbines in the 1.5 - 3MW class addressing the requirements of developed as well as emerging markets.

Hamburg, 7 July 2016

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The Nordex Group is one of the world's leading suppliers of wind turbines. The principal focus is on units with a high capacity - above all in the megawatt range: the strongest growth segment in the sector. Under the brand names Nordex, we offer powerful wind turbines for almost all geographic regions across the globe. Onshore and offshore, for desert and permafrost areas. With the largest serial produced wind turbine family in the world (N80/2500 kW, N90/2500 kW, N100/2500 kW and N117/2400 kW) and the powerful megawatt turbines N77/1500 kW and N82/1500 kW, Nordex is able to offer high-efficiency wind turbines for onshore use. The Nordex N150/6000 kW Offshore rounds off our megawatt product family with a machine especially designed for offshore use.
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