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VSB Holding GmbH

VSB Group announces the appointment of Maël Lagarde as Managing Director / General Manager for VSB énergies Nouvelles, France

01.09.2022 | Nîmes/Dresden (renewablepress) - Maël Lagarde graduated from Sciences Po Grenoble with a Master's degree in "Technique, Science and Democracy" and from Grenoble INP-ENSE3 in "Energy Systems and Markets". He joined VSB énergies nouvelles in 2013. At VSB, Maël successively held the positions of wind and operations engineer, and operations and recovery manager before taking on the New Markets Department, a position he has held since January 2021. Maël is also, in this capacity, a member of the Management Committee (CoDir) of VSB énergies nouvelles. As Managing Director / CEO of VSB énergies nouvelles, Maël will be responsible for the achievem... ... weiter...


Energiequelle GmbH solar park sold to Watt & Co

26.08.2022 | Decize/France (renewablepress) - Energiequelle GmbH has sold Decize solar park to Watt & Co. The centrally located park in France has a total output of 14.7 MWp and has been built with 36,000 modules on around 15 hectares. The project was developed by the French Energiequel... ... weiter...


NOTUS energy: New branch in Nantes has 250 megawatts of wind and solar...

26.08.2022 | Paris (renewablepress) - "The west of France offers excellent conditions for the development of wind and solar parks," says Heinrich Lieser, President of NOTUS energy in Paris, about the successes of the NOTUS energy branch in Nantes. A team of wind and solar energy experts... ... weiter...


French wind farm constructed by Energiequelle and Windstrom goes into ...

26.08.2022 | Bourbriac/France (renewablepress) - In Bourbriac, France, located northwest of Brittany, the French Energiequelle subsidiary P&T Technologie, together with WindStrom France, commissioned a wind farm with three Nordex turbines. The N117 turbines have an output of 3 MW and w... ... weiter...

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