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Energiequelle GmbH

Energiequelle GmbH's French photovoltaics project starts construction

02.12.2020 | Decize/France (renewablepress) - The construction of a photovoltaics plant with an output of 14.7 MWp began last week in the former fortress city of Decize, located in central France. The project was developed by the French Energiequelle subsidiary P&T Technologie in cooperation with EREA Ingenierie and won the CRE 4.6 tender in September 2019. A particular requirement of the invitation to tender was to comply with a strict ecological footprint of no more than 450 kg equivalent CO2/kWp for the modules. Over the next few months, around 36,000 modules with 405 Wp will be constructed by the Chinese manufacturer Talesun on 15.6 hectares... ... weiter...

Energiequelle GmbH

Energiequelle GmbH's French wind farm successfully commissioned

29.10.2020 | La Chapelle-Glain (renewablepress) - The French wind farm La Chapelle-Glain, in the Pays de la Loire region in the Loire-Atlantique departement, was successfully commissioned in September. It was developed and built by Energiequelle subsidiary P&T Technologie. The wind far... ... weiter...

Notus energy Plan GmbH & Co. KG

After crowdfunding: NOTUS starts construction of its first solar power...

06.10.2020 | Paris (renewablepress) - On 14 September, construction work officially began on the 15.58 megawatt solar farm near Baraize in the department of Indre. NOTUS had offered an exclusive participation opportunity to the citizens in the surrounding area and thus organised additional fi... ... weiter...

wpd AG

wpd concludes supply contract for wind turbines in the French project ...

17.06.2020 | Bremen (renewablepress) - The French wpd project company ‘Energie Vendée SAS’ can announce an important contract conclusion: ENERCON will supply the turbines for the onshore wind energy project ‘Auzay’. The Auzay project is located in the municipality of Auchay sur Vendée, Dép... ... weiter...

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