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Energiequelle GmbH

P&T Technologie becomes Energiequelle SAS

08.02.2024 | Saint-Jacques-de-la-Lande (renewablepress) - P&T Technologie has changed its name. The French subsidiary of Energiequelle GmbH has been called Energiequelle SAS since February 1 and has thus adopted the name of the parent company. P&T has been active in the French market since 2002 and is a key player in the renewable energy sector. The company has been part of the Energiequelle Group since 2010 and currently employs more than 50 people. In addition to the main site in Rennes, Energiequelle has branches in Dijon and Bordeaux in France. In order to meet the company's continued growth and further staffing requirements, it has moved int... ... weiter...

Energiequelle GmbH

Commissioning of the French Energiequelle wind farm Saint-Morand

22.06.2023 | Saint-Morand/France (renewablepress) - The French Energiequelle subsidiary P&T Technologie has commissioned the Saint-Morand wind farm in the municipalities of Martigné-Ferchaud and Éancé. The wind farm is located in the northwest of France in the department of Ille-et-Vilain... ... weiter...

Energiequelle GmbH

Energiequelle subsidiary commissions wind farm in France

31.01.2023 | Vern-sur-Seiche (renewablepress) - Earlier this year, Energiequelle’s French subsidiary, P&T Technologie, commissioned the Le Ménec wind farm in the municipalities of Trévé and Loudéac. The wind farm is located in northwestern France, on the Côtes d'Armor in Brittany. The six... ... weiter...


Right in time for operators: ENERTRAG Operation offers drone inspectio...

05.12.2022 | Paris/Dauerthal (renewablepress) - What has been part of the standard repertoire of the inspection body of ENERTRAG Operation in Germany since this year and has been classified as a high-quality process by an independent body will also be offered as a service in France by 2023: R... ... weiter...

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Energiequelle GmbH's French wind farm sold to Octopus Renewables DE191803457
Energiequelle GmbH sells French wind farm Villers-le-Tourneur DE191803457

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