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NOTUS energy GmbH

Celebration with local residents: NOTUS énergie France inaugurates solar park in Baraize

20.07.2021 | Paris (renewablepress) - Baraize is NOTUS énergie France's largest solar project to date. The small community in central France is proud of "its" climate project: around 200 local residents have contributed financially to the solar park. The solar power plant of 15.8 megawatt supplies more than 4,000 households with clean energy. Now NOTUS énergie France celebrated the inauguration of the solar park together with the neighbourhood. "Through the participation model, many of our citizens are co-owners of the solar park. We are proud that we are making our contribution to climate protection in this way," explains Lionnel Perrot, mayor of the... ... weiter...

NOTUS energy GmbH

‘Colossal Work, Impeccable Professionalism’ - Mayor Perrot of Baraize ...

20.05.2021 | Paris (renewablepress) - Since the end of April, the 15.58 megawatt solar power plant in Baraize in central France has been operational, providing clean energy to more than 4000 households. "A colossal job has been done in just a few months, bravo to all those involved who displa... ... weiter...


WPO acquires Kaiserwetter’s German, Danish and Spanish asset managemen...

12.02.2021 | Paris (renewablepress) - WPO, the leading independent provider of asset management and specialized services for renewables is pleased to announce the expansion of its European platform with the acquisition of Kaiserwetter Energy Asset Management GmbH’s German and Danish asset man... ... weiter...

Energiequelle GmbH

Energiequelle GmbH's French photovoltaics project starts construction

02.12.2020 | Decize/France (renewablepress) - The construction of a photovoltaics plant with an output of 14.7 MWp began last week in the former fortress city of Decize, located in central France. The project was developed by the French Energiequelle subsidiary P&T Technologie in cooper... ... weiter...

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Energiequelle GmbH's French wind farm successfully commissioned Energiequelle GmbH
After crowdfunding: NOTUS starts construction of its first solar power plant in France Notus energy Plan GmbH & Co...
wpd concludes supply contract for wind turbines in the French project Auzay wpd AG Christian Schnibbe Christian Schnibbe
EDF Renewables, Enbridge and wpd start construction of the F wpd AG Christian Schnibbe Christian Schnibbe
Obton secures subordinated debt facility for 30.4 MWp PV Portfolio in France Capcora GmbH
VSB becomes photovoltaic supplier of VSB Holding GmbH Kathrin Jacob-Puchalski Kathrin Jacob-Puchalski
CNR and energy & meteo systems have signed a contract to remote control solar and wind ... energy & meteo systems GmbH
Nordex supplies 27 large turbines to France Nordex SE Felix Losada Felix Losada
Nordex Group receives orders for 54 MW from France Nordex SE Felix Losada Felix Losada
RIVE Private Investment and Mirova acquire a 60 MW wind project in France from Nordex Nordex SE Felix Losada Felix Losada

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