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Deutsche Windtechnik AG

Deutsche Windtechnik acquires wind operations and maintenance segment of Cooke Power Services

08.09.2021 | Bremen, Germany/Houston, Texas (renewablepress) - As of September 1, 2021, Deutsche Windtechnik US has doubled their current count of travel-ing technicians with a signed purchase agreement for Cooke Power Services “Wind turbine maintenance and services” business segment. Deutsche Windtechnik US will address the biggest challenge facing renewable industry today: Finding experienced technicians. The acquisition also includes existing customer contracts, including 50 MW of Mitsubishi (MHI) wind turbines under long term service agreements. All 38 employees of this section will join Deutsche Windtechnik. The acquisition of Cooke Power Service... ... weiter...

Nordex SE

Nordex Group now offers the N155/4.X turbine with a concrete tower opt...

29.07.2021 | Hamburg (renewablepress) - The Nordex Group is extending its range of Delta4000 turbines for the North American market to include a variant of the N155/4.X turbine on concrete towers for specific sites. John McComas, CEO Nordex USA: “Nordex is committed to working along with o... ... weiter...

Deutsche Windtechnik AG

A record year for Deutsche Windtechnik USA in 2020, with over 1 GW add...

29.01.2021 | Houston, Texas / Bremen, Germany (renewablepress) - The US unit of Deutsche Windtechnik, founded in 2018, can look back on an outstanding record year. This year alone the US branch has experienced a growth of more than 700% where the growth is expected to continue in 2021. Partic... ... weiter...

Nordex SE

Nordex Group receives again major order for 302 MW from USA

11.11.2020 | Hamburg (renewablepress) - The Nordex Group has received another large order for the N149/4.0-4.5 from the Delta4000 series. A wind farm developer has placed an order with the Nordex Group for 63 turbines for a project in the United States. The project and customer are undisc... ... weiter...

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Nordex Group wins order in USA for 240 MW Nordex SE Felix Losada Felix Losada
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Nordex Group receives an 297 MW order from the USA Nordex SE Felix Losada Felix Losada
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The Nordex Group wins order in the USA for 312 MW Nordex SE Felix Losada Felix Losada
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Nordex Group scores in service: Customers extend service contracts for 150 MW in Urugua... Nordex SE Felix Losada Felix Losada
Nordex Group receives order for 269 MW from USA Nordex SE Felix Losada Felix Losada
The Nordex Group to deliver 38 Delta4000 turbines to the USA Nordex SE Felix Losada Felix Losada

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