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Publisher: ProfEC Ventus GmbH

ProfEC Ventus releases "ONE STOP WIND SHOP" for accredited wind measurement systems and calibrated sensors

- A broad portfolio of measurement technology and services - now also available online

Oldenburg (renewablepress) - ProfEC Ventus GmbH from Oldenburg has launched an online shop for wind measurement systems, wind met masts and their accredited services offered. The "One Stop Wind Shop" is the only one of its kind, which is operated by an accredited Measuring Institute and Test Laboratory with its own, accredited Calibration Laboratory. Customers can find a large selection of proven measurement technology at If necessary, ProfEC Ventus also provides intensive advice and assistance for the appropriate selection of measurement technology: online, by phone and personally. The offer ranges from individual sensors to fully calibrated, certified and bankable wind measurement systems with or without wind measurement towers, to the complete, accredited setup and data management support of entire wind measuring campaigns, using measurement masts, SoDAR or LiDAR technologies involved.

"As an accredited Testing Laboratory and Calibration Laboratory, we offer wind measurement systems with an individual Certificate of Bankability, which verifies adherence to relevant standards and norms and thus is accepted by almost all banks worldwide," says Managing Director Andreas Jansen. In order to entirely comply with the requirements of the FGW Technical Directive 6, only wind measurement stations and wind measurement campaigns have to be used as base for wind resource assessments and energy yield prognoses, which previously have been assessed and evaluated by an accredited Testing Laboratory. These expert opinion reports in turn are the prerequisite for banks and investors to finance a wind farm project, especially in Germany. "Measuring systems from our One Stop Wind Shop meet all the requirements of banks and investors around the world and are certified to comply with relevant and most recent standards of FGW, IEC and MEASNET" Jansen adds.

A convenient, efficient ordering process and a directly apparent price offered are further advantages of the One Stop Wind Shop. "The customer can immediately and at any time check our range of sensors with or without a cable and connector-plug, with or without calibration, and also he can order them right away", says Jansen. This reduces the time and administrative effort as well as the delivery time.

In addition, ProfEC Ventus offers wind met masts in the One Stop Wind Shop under observance of various building code regulations and static requirements, which is particularly favourable for wind measurements outside Germany. "We supply our customers worldwide with wind measurement towers that meet the prevailing national or local structural requirements, avoiding any problems during appraisal of the building permit or during the operating period ", says Jansen.

At the same time, clients at the One Stop Wind Shop can also access and investigate numerous accredited consulting services. "Here, however, we offer a more detailed consultation and advice already during the quotation phase, in order to first of all precisely assess the individual requirements and database existing, based on which we then can provide a tailor-made, cost-efficient offer to our Client, meeting his needs and in most cases exceeding his expectations", says Mathias Hölzer, Managing Director and Technical Director of the Testing and Calibration Laboratory. In carrying out a wind measurement campaign with subsequent wind resource assessment and accredited energy yield forecasting, the accredited processes according to FGW Technical Directive 6 (TR6) should go hand in hand. For example: the accredited installation reports for wind measurement technology from ProfEC Ventus Measurement Institute often include more than 120 pages, in order to address all questions and points regarding compliance with relevant national and international standards and guidelines in a most comprehensive and precise manner. "If the process breaks the chain of the work done by accredited Testing Laboratories, then in the worst case processes have to be repeated," warns Hölzer. "This can involve substantial costs, e.g. for new site visits, data validation and verification with respect to data integrity and authenticity, and therefore slows down the process of producing expert opinions reports. Such requirement are obsolete on the basis of our installation reports and individual Certificate of Bankability for compliance with all relevant standards, norms and guidelines, since every accredited Testing Laboratory in the world can rely on our accredited appraisals, certificates and (building) reports", adds Hölzer.

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Oldenburg, 2 October 2017

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