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Nordex Awarded 180-MW Project in the Netherlands

50 N117/3600 turbines ordered by Vattenfall

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Hamburg (renewablepress) - Vattenfall, owner of the Dutch utility Nuon, yesterday signed a contract for the delivery of 50 N117/3600 turbines with the Nordex Group in Amsterdam. The project “Wieringermeer” is one of the biggest onshore projects for Vattenfall in Europe.

The wind farm has an above-average capacity factor of 42 per cent due the excellent average wind speed of 8.6 m/s combined with the highly-efficient Nordex N117/3600. Due to the low noise emissions, the turbines can run without curtailments at full rated power, having a positive effect on the expected energy yield. The relatively low sound power level of the N117/3600 is achieved thanks to the turbines design and the addition of serrations to the rotor blades.

“Sustainability is an important part of our DNA. This is why we are striving for sustainable solutions in different areas,” explains Patxi Landa, Chief Sales Officer for Nordex SE. This includes the interests of the immediate neighbourhood as well as the CO2 emissions that can be avoided. Located 60 kilometres north of Amsterdam, the site is subject to noise emission restrictions, which the turbines are able to meet. At the same time, the wind farm will prevent the emission of around 300,000 tons of carbon dioxide annually which would otherwise be produced by a mix of gas and coal-fuelled power stations.

Installation of the 50 turbines will commence from March 2019 and be completed by the end of the year respectively. Thereafter, the Nordex Group will provide service for the wind farm and establish a local service station for this purpose. “Everybody is looking forward to the start of this large project. We have already made the first preparations in the area and are glad to have professional companies with whom we will work closely to realize the installation of the first 50 turbines of this wind farm,” explains Ruben Lindenburg, Project Director of Nuon for Wind Farm Wieringermeer.

To date, the Nordex Group has installed wind farms with a combined capacity of almost 300 MW in the Netherlands and has a dense service network for the technical management of the wind power systems in this country.

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Image: Signature of the “Wieringermeer” contract in Amsterdam by Vattenfall, Nuon and Nordex: Sandra Graues Nielsson (Head of BU Onshore-Wind Vattenfall; Peter Smik, CEO Nuon; José Luis Blanco, CEO Nordex SE; Patxi Landa,CSO Nordex SE

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Hamburg, 29 November 2017

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