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Wind in the West

Bougainville/Dauerthal, September 29, 2005 - “Wind power is writing a new chapter in the history of Bougainville,” said enthused Jean-Luc Consille, mayor of this small community in Picardy, northern France, at the official inauguration of the ENERTRAG wind farm of the same name. This marked the completion of the third wind project in France for ENERTRAG, a company from the federal state of Brandenburg, Germany. Six 2.0 megawatt Enercon turbines stand proudly turning in the wind, each year generating more than fifty times the electricity used by the residents of Bougainville in their homes.

Despite good geographical conditions, wind power is still in its infancy in France. Germany’s western neighbors only passed legislation following the German model to promote grid-tied wind power systems in 2001. The French law also seeks to prioritize and guarantees an attractive minimum price for the generation of renewable energies. As German companies have been successfully operating wind turbines for many years, they have the advantage here. In June 2002, ENERTRAG became the first German company to start operating wind farms in France, at two sites. Based in the Uckermark, they enjoy an edge in expertise that continues to pay off. As recently as September 14, the French Minister for Industry, François Loos, awarded the contract for what is so far France’s first and only offshore wind power project: ENERTRAG is the winning bidder to construct 21 turbines along a seven-kilometre stretch in the coastal waters of the English Channel. “Our international success is securing long-term jobs in the federal state of Brandenburg,” CEO Jörg Müller is pleased to report. The limitless power of the wind is a driving force for jobs in eastern Germany.

Success abroad always depends on positive conditions for the continuing expansion of wind power in Germany. This is the only way that strong companies can develop and so become successful in their international activities as well. With 430 megawatts connected to the grid, each year ENERTRAG generates one billion kilowatt hours of electricity from more than 300 wind turbines. This is enough for 300,000 households. 120 employees together with 5 trainees ensure the reliable operation of the turbines and annual growth of 25 %.

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