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CMS with extended functionality for holistic monitoring

- New Condition Monitoring module AIC214 and revised software allows operators to monitor more features of wind turbine generators.
- Additional features for the secure and continuous acquisition of turbine data for condition monitoring, for the measurement of an unbalance of the rotor and for blade monitoring.

Feldkirch (renewablepress) - The new AIC214 Condition Monitoring module from Bachmann introduces a range of additional features which extend the capabilities. The ring buffer enables continuous values to be produced, so the CMS can also be part of your machine or plant protection system, based on values from ISO standards. This also enables continuous monitoring and event triggered recording with no danger of missing any sections of data for remnant life monitoring.

The software to drive these modules provides the opportunity to add extra functionality through plug-ins. The goal is integration, plant operators use the CMS to identify and monitor all the relevant issues on wind turbines.

By integrating the functionality into a single system the existing communications and security infrastructure is also used for the additional functionality. “This gives owners a much easier path to holistic health monitoring for their turbines” David Futter suggests.

Bachmann’s first plug in – The Blade Unbalance Calculator – provides a measure of rotor unbalance based on a single additional accelerometer,
a 2D MEMS motion sensor added in the nacelle. The calculator uses a simple mathematical model of the tower to identify both mass and aerodynamic unbalance from this motion. The calculation is merged seamlessly with the normal condition monitoring functions, and so provides this valuable extra information via the existing system.

The Bachmann team is currently working on another feature. A sensor that detects the bending of the blade, which is something used for detecting ice, monitoring the fatigue loads and pitching the blades individually.

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Feldkirch, 24 September 2018

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