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Publisher: Bachmann electronic GmbH

Premiere in the world of condition monitoring

- Control-integrated CMS of Bachmann electronic is the first certified system worldwide

Feldkirch, Austria - The Germanische Lloyd certified the Condition Monitoring System (CMS) ‚Ω-Guard‘ of Bachmann electronic as the worldwide first control-integrated solution. For the first time the complete record, analysis and evaluation of the realized solution is possible parallel to the control program.

The Bachmann CMS assembly group AIC212 of the M1 automation system offers high-resolution vibration measurement inputs for signal correlation registration of different metering points.

Up to four AIC212 modules can be integrated into the analysis with the Bachmann CMS application. This offers potentially 48 channels for vibration inputs and voltage inputs. Parallel to the acceleration signals, information from the controller or the fieldbuses can be recorded from other sources and be accepted into the analysis.

More monitoring functions without dual sensors

For the analysis, signals and variables of the whole control network can be considered through the integration into the M1 system without the need of a dual sensor, e.g. the current performance or the operating condition. Based on this, further functions to monitor the structure and the rotor blade can be integrated in the CMS and the controller which constitutes a main advantage.

All the used system components for the Condition Monitoring including the services of the online remote monitoring center of Bachmann Monitoring are certified in accordance with the regulations of the Germanischer Lloyd.

The integration of the complete CMS functionality into both new and existing controllers can be done with minimal hardware effort. The system ‚Ω-Guard’ is still also available as an autarkic stand-alone-CM solution.

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Worldwide first certified solution: The AIC212-module integrated in the M1 automation system of Bachmann.
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Feldkirch, Austria, June 27, 2012

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