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WPD group took over EBV wind farms

Bremen - The WPD group took over the business and operational management for about 130 wind turbines from the EBV Management Holding AG. The shares from twelve shareholder partners as well as the obligations for different long-term existing service contracts were acquired. As a result WPD has again extended its wind park portfolio remarkably.

After having taken over several wind farms from P&T Technology AG and Provento AG in the previous years, the WPD was now able to set another milestone due to the agreement with the EBV Management Holding AG. All in all more than 600 wind energy turbines are being operated from the locations of the WPD in Bremen and Egeln today. The executive board of the WPD, Dr. Klaus Meier points out: “It is our aim to increase the number of wind energy turbines to a total of 1000 turbines within the next three years. Half of these projects shall be developments on our own, whereas the others are planned by external developers. Due to this strategy we are able to generate commercial and technical synergies more effectively. As a result this will benefit the gain of profit of the shareholders and their limited partnerships.” There are obviously difficult projects among the wind farms that have been taken over, but WPD understands this as a chance to stress their own abilities and competence on the market. “On the basis of studies comparing the actual state and the situation after the takeover of the business management, WPD will be able to demonstrate which effects can actually be accomplished,” Dr. Meier remarks.

Short portrayal of WPD:

Since 1996 the WPD AG implements renewable energies projects and meanwhile has become market leader in the commercial development and syndication of wind farms. Until mid 2004 over 70 wind farms projects with a total capacity of more than 700 megawatts were developed and successfully placed on the windenergy market. Due to this fact WPD was in the position to place investments amounting to 1 million euros.

The services of the WPD group comprise among others the business conception and commercial project controlling as well as structuring the project financing. WPD offers its services to international utilities and advises on state tenders in every stage of wind farm development. On foreign markets WPD provides city offices in Stockholm and London and has founded subsidiaries in Spain, France, Italy, Sweden and Australia- a number of projects are currently under development. The innovative offshore farm segment is also expanding: five projects in the North Sea and in the Baltic Sea are being enhanced. The credit rating of the WPD AG, with a registered capital of 10 million euros, has additionally obtained an “A” rating by the Euler Hermes GmbH.

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About wpd GmbH

wpd was founded in Bremen in 1996 and has become one of the leading developers and operators of onshore wind and solar farms in Europe. The group of companies consists of wpd GmbH (project developer and operator), wpd windmanager (commercial management and technical operations) and Deutsche Windtechnik (maintenance and engineering).

With 3,700 employees worldwide, wpd has implemented projects with 2,630 wind turbines and a total capacity of 6,110 MW, as well as solar energy projects with a capacity of 35 MW.

Besides developing projects in-house, wpd also undertakes project partnerships, commercial construction, contracting, project financing through to completion and the operation of wind and solar energy plants.

In addition to its home market in Germany, wpd is also active in the main wind and solar markets in Europe, in North and South America, and in various countries in the rapidly growing Asian market. The company has built a global project pipeline of 13,870 MW of onshore wind and 2,300 MWp of solar PV. Today, wpd is active in 29 countries worldwide.

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Christian Schnibbe

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Christian Schnibbe

Christian Schnibbe
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Phone: +49 (0)421 / 16866-10