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Swiss Investment Foundation Acquires Bavaria's Largest Forest Wind Far...

26.08.2022 | Regensburg/Sengenthal/Zurich (renewablepress) - After a successful first year in operation, Max Bögl OSTWIND GmbH (MBO) sold the wind farms Reichertshüll and the adjacent Workerszeller Forst, both located between Nuremberg and Ingolstadt, to the IST3 Investment Foundation in Zurich. The 16 turbines with a total of approx. 53 megawatt installed capacity supply more than 38,000 households in the region with sustainably generated energy. Bavaria's largest forest wind farm was initially developed by Regensburger OSTWIND Group in 2013 and built in 2017 in co-operation with the Max Bögl Group. Both family businesses come from Bavaria and operat... more...

25 years of OSTWIND at HUSUM Wind 2017

26.08.2022 | Regensburg/Strasbourg/Prague (renewablepress) - The year 2017 marks a turning point: a narrow corridor in the expansion of wind energy, a purely market-based remuneration of green electricity, a half-baked auction procedure, and an energy transition whose implementation vari... more...

OSTWIND at the WindEnergy 2016 in Hamburg

26.08.2022 | Regensburg/Strasbourg/Prague (renewablepress) - At the world’s leading expo for wind energy, the OSTWIND Group will be showing that it is well placed to tackle the challenges presented by the 2017 Renewable Energies Act and will be announcing another branch office as well as ... more...


Orsted Onshore Deutschland has been planning and building wind farms and solar parks for more than 30 years. With over 675 MW of installed capacity, it is one of the most renowned
companies in the development, realization and operational management of onshore wind farms and solar energy and is considered a reliable partner for land owners, municipalities
and operators.

Orsted Onshore Germany is part of Ørsted, one of the most sustainable energy companies in the world. Ørsted develops, builds and operates offshore and onshore wind farms, solar
parks, energy storage facilities, renewable hydrogen plants and biomass power plants.

Ørsted also offers intelligent energy solutions for companies. Headquartered in Denmark, the company employs around 8,000 people worldwide. Ørsted has a vision of a world that relies
entirely on green energy.

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