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press kit Deutsche WindGuard Inspection GmbH

Deutsche WindGuard expands portfolio to include inspections by drone

22.09.2022 | Varel, Starnberg (renewablepress) - Deutsche WindGuard Inspection GmbH has now expanded its portfolio of technical inspections for onshore and offshore wind turbine generators (WTG) to include examinations by drone. Besides drone-based visual inspections using a high-performance zoom camera, the inspection body from Varel, Germany, also offers its customers contactless lightning protection measurements. These are performed with the innovative technology from TOPseven GmbH & Co. KG from Starnberg, Germany. “Our patented measuring method is unique on the market. It is based on the non-invasive injection of an electromagnetic field into t... more...

Deutsche WindGuard is inspection body at Global Tech I wind farm

26.08.2022 | Varel (renewablepress) - On assignment from Global Tech I Offshore Wind GmbH, Deutsche WindGuard Inspection has now successfully completed recurring inspections on 30 wind turbines at the offshore wind farm Global Tech I in the German North Sea. The contracted scope of s... more...

Deutsche WindGuard accredited as Inspection Body Type A

26.08.2022 | Varel (renewablepress) - With the accreditation as an inspection body type A according to DIN EN ISO/IEC 17020:2012 for wind energy turbines, Deutsche WindGuard has strategically repositioned one of its long-standing service areas and geared it up for the future. In early Jun... more...