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FLABEG Solar U.S. Corp. opens new Solar Mirror Plant with greater Product Range

Findlay/Nuremberg - Now on stream: FLABEG, global leader in high-tech glass and mirror applications, is opening a new production facility for solar mirrors which are used to help generate electricity at large-scale solar power plants. The new 209.00sq.ft manufacturing facility is erected in the Clinton Commerce Park near Pittsburgh International Airport.

The factory will have a annual capacity to deliver parabolic curved mirrors up to 450 MW for PT plants. This production site is therefore equipped to produce tempered solar mirrors in addition to the established monoliths, untempered mirrors.

"Our philosophy has undergone no change, nevertheless we want to be fully prepared for all possible changes in the law," commenting FLABEG CEO Axel Buchholz on the extended production range. "We expect some federal states will introduce standards for safety glass for Concentrated Solar Power applications. Our core production will remain with untempered solar mirrors."

Field tests indicate a breakage rate of 0.027% for FLABEG untempered solar mirrors. At such low levels breakage is not an issue.

"As always FLABEG continues to keep abreast oft he changing demands of the market," says Buchholz. The facility will in future also be home to thinglass applications for Solar Dishes and Concentrated PV and also flat mirrors for Power Tower heliostats and Linear Fresnel power plants.

FLABEG, founded in 1882, is an independent company with manufacturing facilities in Europe, America and Asia. FLABEG is active in the commercial sectors of automotive mirrors, solar glass mirrors and technical glass, specializing in all processes of glass finishing, and sets technological standard in terms of the companys core competencies - bending and coating.

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Findlay/Nuremberg, October 30, 2009

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