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Integration of renewables - High penetration issues: Understanding and managing the changing power system dynamics with high level of Non Synchronous Generation

- 2nd International Wind Integration Symposium

Langen/Frankfurt/M. - Is there a technical limit to the maximum penetration level of renewable energy in the power system? Is the security of supply at risk in the European power system with increasing shares of renewable energy such as wind power and PV? Questions like this become more and more important, in particular considering national plans, such as the German phase out of nuclear, long-term European power system planning is becoming more and more important.

The 2nd International Wind Integration Symposium, which will take place in Frankfurt/Main on May 08 – 09, 2012, will discuss the relevant is-sues from different power integration perspectives. The basic idea of the Wind Integration Symposium is to discuss only two or three key topics to be able to concentrate on relevant issues. Those topics change from one symposium to the next. This year’s main topic focuses on Understanding and managing the changing power system dynamics with high level of Non Synchronous Generation and the session titles reflect the per-spectives: Experiences and challenges for TSOs/DSOs associated with high penetration of renewables; Analysis of associated challenges of high penetration; Principle solutions to high penetration challenges; Modelling challenges for investigation of high penetration challenges.
The program was developed with the support of European transmission system operators (TSOs) and leading wind turbine manufactures.

The Wind Integration Symposium is organized by the same team that suc-cessfully has been organizing the annual \"International Workshop on Large-Scale Integration of Wind Power into Power Systems as well as on Transmission Networks for Offshore Wind Power Plants\" for the past 11 years.

The program and the registration details are available on the workshop homepage:

Langen/Frankfurt/M., April 27, 2012

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