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Publisher: energy consult GmbH

energy consult: A powerful new partner for the operational management of wind energy and photovoltaic plants

Cuxhaven - With energy consult GmbH, a powerful new company has entered the market for the operational management of wind energy and photovoltaic plants. As a merger of the operational management companies of PNE WIND AG and WKN AG, energy consult GmbH will support 650 wind energy farms with over 1,080 MW of nominal output as well as photovoltaic plants from their very inception. With its headquarters in Cuxhaven and its operation facilities in Husum, energy consult GmbH is equally active in technical operations management in the German market as well as internationally.

From the moment a wind or solar farm is connected to the power grid and commissioned, it should generate electricity reliably and efficiently over its entire lifetime. In order to achieve this, the plants must always be in a perfect technical condition. The energy consult team has been providing the operational management for many wind and solar farms very successfully since as long ago as 1991.

“During the course of time, the team has co-operated with virtually all of the known manufacturers of wind energy systems and established a loyal customer base which relies on our technical service and, in part, also on our commercial service”, say the Managing Directors, Hartmut Flügel, Tanja Grefe-Totz and Kai Nohme.

The task of operating a wind farm successfully consists of many supplementary responsibilities. In consequence, energy consult’s scope of service comprises all services which are necessary for the technical and commercial operation of wind farms and these can be ordered as an all-in carefree package or as a tailor made individual solution, whereby we offer our technical operations management both with and without full maintenance contracts.

Within the scope of technical operations management, some of energy consult’s most important services are the remote monitoring of systems for optimum and correct technical operation, analysis and evaluation of operating data for optimisation purposes, on-site inspections of systems, access routes and transformer substations, co-ordination and monitoring of status oriented inspections, co-operation in technical projects and solutions, the preparation of safety and emergency concepts and also thermography and gearing endoscopy.

In commercial operations management, the energy consult team’s tasks include ensuring accurate bookkeeping, cost accounting, the calculation and settlement of electricity feed in remuneration, permanent budget monitoring and the supervision, planning and management of liquidity. In addition, commercial operations management also includes the preparation of interim evaluations (HGB/IFRS) (German Commercial Code/IFRS), the preparation and drawing up of annual accounts, providing support for contract negotiations, administration of limited liability partners, preparation and support for shareholders’ meetings, providing support for discussions with manufacturing and maintenance companies and insurance companies and official authorities in case of claims for damage.

In the case of solar farms, energy consult GmbH takes on the technical operations management of both roof mounted and free standing photovoltaic systems. Services can be selected individually and can be assembled as a package according to requirements. The most important tasks include the daily monitoring of the PV system, deadline monitoring, regular on-site inspections of plant, the recording and securing of operational data, the regular reporting of yield data and disruptions, the settlement of insurance claims including the loss of income calculations and the assumption of responsibility for the plant.

Renowned investors as well as energy supply companies and many wind farm operators are amongst energy consult’s clients.

In addition to its classical technical operations management, energy consult’s team of experts also offer supplementary services in all aspects of electrical engineering. As a rule, the number of legal regulations governing the operation of electrical plant is tending to fall rather than increase, the interrelationships are becoming ever more complex and expert knowledge is becoming increasingly more important. The EEG (German Renewable Energies Law) can be mentioned here as a good example. Since the introduction of the EEG in 2009, compliance with certain specifications of the electrical engineering sector are a prerequisite for feed-in remuneration. In this respect, grid connection planning in compliance with the EEG can be offered as a service by energy consult.

Operators can take advantage of energy consult’s services even where they carry out the technical operations management themselves or have it carried out by other service providers. In every case the experienced energy consult team always has the appropriate experienced experts at the starting line.

Cuxhaven, 11 March 2014

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