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Publisher: Deutsche WindGuard Consulting GmbH

Deutsche WindGuard wins Poster Award at WindEurope Summit

- Analysis on uncertainties at rotor-equivalent wind speeds wins price

Varel/Hamburg (renewablepress) - Deutsche WindGuard has won a poster award at this years WindEurope Summit for their research on uncertainties at power curve measurements using different methods for wind measurement.

Dr. Klaus Franke has examined the different accepted methods for wind measurements in the new version of the IEC standard on power curve measurements (IEC 61400-12-1) and their impact on the total uncertainty. The new standard does not only allow for power curves to be measured with traditional anemometers, but also with LiDAR or a combination of both, LiDAR and anemometer measurement. Using these new methods however, results in more factors in the uncertainty budget. In his research, Dr. Franke applied the new standard and compared the uncertainty of the different methods. His conclusion: "Although there are more factors contributing to the total uncertainty, we can still reach a similar uncertainty with a combination of LiDAR and anemometer measurement as when applying the current IEC standard. We did not necessarily expect that."

Deutsche WindGuard is currently present at their booth in hall A1 at the WindEnergy in Hamburg and will be happy to answer all your questions around this topic.

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Varel/Hamburg, 29 September 2016

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