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Publisher: Kaiserwetter Energy Asset Management GmbH

Kaiserwetter to expand ZULU

- ZULU allows users to pick and choose service modules for their facility's technical and financial management online as needed, at a fixed price

- This approach translates into reduced costs and improved efficiency regarding the technical and financial management of wind and solar parks

- ZULU provides immediate cost transparency and sets market standards

- Thanks to ZULU, operating expenses (OPEX) for wind and solar parks will be reduced even further

- ZULU, a digital innovation, is available in Germany and Spain, additional assets and countries will be added soon


Hamburg (renewablepress) - As of today, ZULU, the world's first online service configurator for the technical and financial management of wind energy facilities developed by Kaiserwetter Energy Asset Management GmbH (Kaiserwetter), is also available for photovoltaic power plants. The online system allows investors, owners and operators of renewable energy assets to pick and choose from 13 services for the technical and financial management as needed. "Clients have the option of choosing from 13 different contractual modules online so that their customized package will be in line with their contractual obligations," said Thomas Oetjen, head of the Kaiserwetter performance unit. In addition to this modular set-up, another major innovation is that "within minutes, ZULU will display a fixed yearly price online for every selected service and create a ready-to-sign agreement," Mr. Oetjen added. Among many other benefits, this efficient order approach translates into fixed prices that are significantly below previous market prices.

Kaiserwetter offers a service that disrupts previous conventions and standards both in terms of structure (customizable modules), contractual term (anywhere between one and three years) and pricing (significantly lower). By introducing ZULU, the Hamburg-based company is making the standard practice of yield-dependent management fees for wind and solar parks obsolete. ZULU considerably decreases operating expenses (OPEX) for wind and solar parks. In addition, with ZULU, the terms of all contracts are considerably more flexible than usual.

ZULU by Kaiserwetter is a smart and flexible solution designed for an increasingly competitive environment with growing price pressure. Kaiserwetter is in a position to offer ZULU to clients at an inexpensive and flexible price because the company relies on digital and scalable architecture. This allows clients to consistently reduce costs and improve efficiency regarding the technical and financial management of wind and solar parks.

ZULU’s benefits for wind park owners are strikingly obvious: following the “you choose, we serve” principle, potential clients can adapt the desired services to fit their actual needs. Based on existing maintenance and insurance contracts and regulatory stipulations, clients can choose the services they need online and thereby efficiently adjust the costs for the yearly technical and financial management to their needs. In addition, after selecting the modular services, all it takes is one click of the mouse for the client to automatically receive the agreement via e-mail for him or her to sign. Kaiserwetter staff members are happy to assist in the online process and are available to provide additional information if needed. ZULU is currently available for wind and solar parks in Germany and Spain. Other asset classes such as solar power plants, biomass power plants and hydroelectric power plants will gradually be integrated into ZULU. Other plans include the expansion to other markets and countries.

Heiko Bieber, head of business development at Kaiserwetter, commented on the benefits of ZULU: "ZULU has been designed mainly to provide transparency regarding the services offered. In addition, the yearly fixed price is displayed online, which allows for cost reliability when choosing a service," he said. More than anything, we are setting a new industry standard by using an online pricing approach,” he added.

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Kaiserwetter staff members look forward to seeing you at the HUSUM Wind Tradeshow in hall 3, booth B19.

About Kaiserwetter Energy Asset Management GmbH

Kaiserwetter is an IntelliTech company in the renewable energy industry. The company relies on its data intelligence that results from its Data Analytics as a Service (DAaaS) offer to convince investors to invest more heavily in renewable energy in an effort to accelerate investments in emission-free energy production worldwide. This is a main precondition for meeting international climate goals. Kaiserwetter's digital product suite encompasses the multiple award-winning cloud-based IoT platform ARISTOTELES. It relies on smart data analytics, predictive analysis and machine learning to minimize investment risks, maximize return and reach maximum transparency. IRIS is Kaiserwetter's online-based analytics machine that allows for a detailed analysis of a facility's status and potential. It gives clients quick insight into the current state of their assets.

ZULU, the company's third digital innovation, is the world's first online service configurator. It allows clients to freely combine service modules for the technical and financial management of their renewable energy facilities, which will increase performance transparency and decrease costs.

Kaiserwetter offers its specialized digital services to all stakeholders worldwide as part of their investment process throughout the entire investment cycle. Kaiserwetter's clients include investment funds, private equity investors, infrastructure funds, banking institutions, insurance companies, supranational organizations, rating agencies and utilities. Established in 2012, the company has its headquarters in Hamburg and offices in Madrid and New York and is currently set to expand into China and India.

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Hamburg, 11 September 2019

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