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Independent Software Solution for Data Retrieval from Senvion Turbines

Rostock (renewablepress) - The insolvency of Senvion GmbH raises many questions for the future monitoring of Senvion turbines. At the moment it is unclear if the online portal provided by the manufacturer remains in operation. Some operators have already reported that turbine data are no longer retrieved. Transferring the maintenance contract to an independent service provider does not avoid the risk that the access to the Senvion portal could be shut down and operators and works managers might no longer be able to access the data of the wind turbines.

DrehPunkt GmbH already provides an alternative that works without the Senvion portal. The data are retrieved directly from the turbine.

“We have been offering the Senvion interface to our customers since mid-2018, when the insolvency was yet unforeseeable. The fact that this well-known manufacturer had to leave the market came as a surprise to us. We always found the cooperation with Senvion pleasant and productive. We hope that this solution will allow our customers to continue working efficiently with their Senvion turbines,” says Stefan Goldmann, developer at DrehPunkt GmbH.

The interface works for all Senvion turbines with a Bachmann M1 controller. Real-time and aggregated 10-minute, day and status data can be read out and provided.

About DrehPunkt GmbH

Headquartered in Rostock, for the past 16 years DrehPunkt GmbH has set itself the task of accelerating, optimizing and automating complex processes in the operation and monitoring of renewable energy plants. After the two founders and managing directors Tino Korth and Stephan Thiemann visited the HUSUM Wind fair for the first time in 2003, DrehPunkt GmbH has grown into a successful medium-sized company with 40 employees. With ROTORsoft it offers a professional, manufacturer-independent software product. ROTORsoft is the market leading application in Germany, which serves to manage more than 45 GW of wind turbines.

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Rostock, 25 November 2019

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