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Publisher: Deutsche WindGuard GmbH

Deutsche WindGuard doubles volume of Technical Due Diligence

- Expertise internationally appreciated by investors, energy utilities and project developers

Inspection as part of technical due diligence
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Varel (renewablepress) - In the first ten months of 2020, Deutsche WindGuard evaluated more than 1,600 wind turbines with a total capacity of over 3,800 megawatts in the course of technical due diligence projects. Several large volume orders from investors, energy utilities and project developers brought entire wind farm portfolios consisting of planned and operating projects in Germany, France, Turkey and Taiwan into the focus of the experts from Varel. Deutsche WindGuard has thus more than doubled the volume of its technical due diligence services in comparison to the previous year.

"I am particularly pleased that we were able to convince both national and international players of our service quality," says Leif Rehfeldt, Head of Business Development, looking back on the successful year. Deutsche WindGuard has experienced experts and up-to-date know-how available for all aspects of a technical review – from securing areas to approvals and site certificates, contracts, finances and insurances to the assessment of energy yields and lifetime extension potential.

In order to evaluate the condition of the existing wind turbines realistically, Deutsche WindGuard also conducted local inspections as part of the above-mentioned reviews. One of the main tasks was to assess the existing turbines’ potential for continued operation. The customers were especially interested in the profitability of a continued operation, taking into account the current technical condition and anticipated repair requirements. "Our many years of experience in the field of project reviews, combined with the knowledge gained from practical inspections and lifetime assessments from one single source convinced our customers," says Niels Erdmann, Head of Technical Due Diligence Projects at Deutsche WindGuard.

As one of the most comprehensive service providers in the wind energy industry, Deutsche WindGuard is ideally positioned for the technical inspection and evaluation of investments – from individual wind farms to entire project portfolios or pipelines, onshore and offshore – and offers clients a solid basis for their investment decisions. "I am looking forward to accompanying our customers in further exciting projects," Leif Rehfeldt is convinced of the company's continuous success in the field of technical due diligence. The total volume of all due diligence projects reviewed by Deutsche WindGuard to date amounts to more than 17.3 gigawatts.

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Caption: At Deutsche WindGuard, practical inspections are part of the Technical Due Diligence project review if desired. They help to ensure a realistic assessment of the current technical condition and the potential for continued operation of the wind turbines.
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Varel, 29 October 2020

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