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Publisher: ENERTRAG WindStrom GmbH

ENERTRAG Betrieb grows international operations

- Polish market entry with large project in 2021

Portrait Miriam Bordonaro, Head of Technical Operations Management, ENERTRAG Betrieb
Dauerthal, Germany (renewablepress) - Dunowo wind farm’s located near the town of Koszalin in Poland. The construction phase of ENERTRAG’s two Dargikowo and Karlino project sections started back in February 2020 and will soon be completed. Once the project’s finished in July, ENERTRAG Betrieb will be responsible for managing technical operations at the wind farm. The Dargikowo wind field has 43 Siemens Gamesa G132 and G126 and Vestas V126 wind turbines. In the Karlino wind field, 16 Siemens Gamesa G132 and 126 wind turbines with a 53 MW capacity annually are expected to generate around 186 GWh of electricity per year from July 2021 onwards.

ENERTRAG Betrieb to take over engineering management

“The wind turbines are slated for handover to us in July. We still have to make a few final tweaks, such as migrating the wind-turbine data to our Powersystem so that we can monitor and manage the wind farms. We’re looking forward to the exciting challenges of a new market, which is why we’ve also restructured our customer service department. As a result, we’ll be able to offer our customers the best possible service, even if they’re based in other countries,” comments Miriam Bordonaro head of engineering management.

Perseverance pays off

“Looking back, the hard work involved in obtaining the grid connection, long, drawn-out admin procedures and, last but not least, the travelling restrictions imposed by the pandemic, were all aspects that motivated our Polish team,” says Christoph Sowa, project development head for Poland. Our perseverance paid off and we’re very proud of the outcome of our project for the customer Allianz. The project involved constructing 59 wind turbines with a joint capacity of just under 186 MW and annual production of almost 600 GWh. These serve the demand of over 250,000 Polish households. As a result, the company’s playing a key role in helping Poland switch to renewables.”

ENERTRAG is part of Poland’s green electricity strategy

In addition to France, Poland’s an interesting, emerging market targeted by the company for its European growth because the nation’s gradually embracing renewable energy. As a pioneer of green hydrogen usage in Europe, ENERTRAG wants to play a key role in Poland’s hydrogen strategy and in this respect, just like in Germany too, help transform coal mining regions.

About ENERTRAG Betrieb

ENERTRAG WindStrom GmbH is a subsidiary of ENERTRAG AG and pools all the technical expertise in the operational phase of wind power projects under the ENERTRAG Betrieb brand. The company currently looks after 1,125 wind turbines. Over 100 people at six sites ensure that wind turbines run reliably, safely and profitably. The portfolio includes technical operations management and accredited inspections and checks.

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Caption: Portrait Miriam Bordonaro, Head of Technical Operations Management, ENERTRAG Betrieb
Caption: For the future: Vestas V126 with 132 m hub height and 3.6 MW output in the sub-project of the Dargikowo wind field

Dauerthal, Germany, 29 June 2021

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