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Publisher: Green Wind Operations GmbH

Georg Meyer Appointed CEO of Green Wind Operations GmbH

Portrait Georg Meyer
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Berlin (renewablepress) - Georg Meyer is the new CEO of Green Wind Operations GmbH. Meyer, an engineering management graduate, brings with him a wealth of professional experience in the wind energy industry. He previously spent ten years in charge of the technical and commercial operations management department at VSB Service GmbH.

At Green Wind, he and his team are responsible for a portfolio of 360 turbines generating approximately 750 MW. "Green Wind is giving me the opportunity to work closely with commercial management and the independent 24/7 control room to promote the professional development of technical operations management. Moreover, I will be doing so at a company that works in an exceptionally professional way and puts its employees first."

Manuel Lasse Hands over the Reins

Meyer, born in the German region of Lusatia in 1984, is following in the footsteps of Manuel Lasse, who built the business. "Leaving Green Wind Operations is not easy for me," said Lasse. "But my work across the Green Wind Group as it has expanded rapidly in recent years has demanded a lot of me in many respects. I'm very happy that we've found a successor in Georg Meyer with as much dedication and devotion to wind energy and technology as I have!"

Mr. Meyer, what convinced you to take the helm of Green Wind Operations?

Green Wind is an innovative company in a sector that is sustainable and vital to the future. I'm looking forward to putting all the experience I've accumulated to good use and being actively involved in shaping what comes next. As an employee-focused company, Green Wind promotes values that are important to me. Acting out of conviction is one such example.

What are your main areas of professional interest? One of your talks was advertised as being for all those who think one step ahead…

Yes, there's something in that. I like to take a bird’s-eye view of things and have an eye on the entire area of operations management. All services need to complement each other and ensure the best possible wind farm operations in the process. Consulting on matters relating to energy marketing, turbine operation, the use of third-party providers and other supplementary services are an important part of that. My aim is to offer customer-focused solutions to these issues.

What role do commercial operations management and asset management play for you?

It's vital for commercial and technical operations management to work in harmony and complement each other as effectively as possible. For that to happen, it's essential for the sub-units to be coordinated with each other. Our teams sit together around one table. Green Wind offers a great many services under one roof and keeps successful cooperation between all involved in mind at all times.

You have made a name for yourself as an expert through events such as German Wind Energy Association seminars and specialist lectures. Are you going to be continuing with those?

Absolutely, time permitting. The sector is constantly in motion. I love being part of that by passing on my knowledge and learning from others. For that to work, it's essential for us to talk to each other and engage with the various committees involved, because we are all working toward the shared objective of hoisting our sails and harnessing the power of the wind on a voyage into the future of renewable energies!

The interview was conducted by Anke Kuckuck.

Green Wind Operations GmbH

Green Wind Operations GmbH manages wind energy and solar power plants from all manufacturers and categories as well as onshore substations as part of technical and commercial operations management. The company's technical operations management portfolio currently encompasses roughly 360 facilities across Europe, generating approximately 750 MW. The company's independent control room, known as greenwind control, offers around-the-clock monitoring of wind farms, substations, solar farms and battery storage systems and guarantees ultra-fast response times. The GWO operations managers prompt operational optimizations, continuing operations and repowering work. Green Wind Operations assumes responsibility for installations in line with DIN VDE 0105-100. The package of services includes proactive consulting regarding power trading, legal foundations, technical upgrades and amendments to the German Renewable Energy Act. Commercial operations management covers everything from contract management to billing. Thanks to in-depth asset management, Green Wind Operations is working long-term to grow the assets of renewable energy projects.

Green Wind Operations is part of the Green Wind Group, headquartered in Berlin-Mitte and with other offices in Germany and Denmark.

Certified according to ISO 9001 and 45001

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Caption: Portrait Georg Meyer
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Berlin, 26 February 2024

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