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Nordex growing faster than the market again- New installed capacity up 70% / 33% market share in France

Hamburg, February 2, 2007. Wind turbine manufacturer Nordex AG expanded faster than the booming wind energy market in 2006 again. The company achieved a roughly 70 percent increase in new installed capacity, while global installed capacity widened by around 30 percent to 14,900 megawatts. “We have been out-pacing the market since 2005 and want to continue on this course,” says CEO Thomas Richterich. Thus, Nordex will already be doubling last year’s installation to around 1,000 megawatts next year.

Nordex only installed some 21 percent of its turbines in Germany. The growth market French in particular was the focal point of activities in 2006. Wind farms “made by Nordex” with a total capacity of 270 megawatts were connected to the French electricity grid, translating into a market share of 33 percent for Nordex.

With only around 51 percent of the wind power industry’s output targeted at Europe, the markets in Asia and North America are becoming increasingly important. Looking ahead over the next few years, Nordex wants to regain market share in both regions. Says Richterich: “As 2006 in Europe, we could imagine achieving a share of 6 percent of the global market soon.”

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