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Publisher: PowerWind GmbH

PowerWind GmbH signs contract for 36 MW in Italy

- Installation between April 2009 and spring 2010
- Long term cooperation with developer Libeccio s.l.r.

Hamburg - PowerWind GmbH has received an order for delivery of 36 MW for Italy. The 40 PowerWind 56 wind energy converters are to be installed at different sites in the region of Apulia, which is one of the windiest regions in Italy. Delivery for the projects is scheduled to start in April 2009, and the projects will be completed by spring 2010.

The order has been placed by Libeccio s.l.r., a company managed by Milan based WES Management s.r.l.. The firm is currently developing wind farms with a combined capacity of 360 MW.

The 36 MW contract between PowerWind GmbH and Libeccio s.l.r. marks the starting point of a long term cooperation of both firms in Italy. "The contract is just the beginning. We plan a long term cooperation with PowerWind", said Maurizio Zucca, managing director of WES Management. Dr. Klaus Pötter and Stefan Heczko, managing directors of PowerWind GmbH, emphasized the contract’s importance for the new manufacturer: "We are looking forward to working with Libeccio on a long term basis. The signed contract for us as new manufacturer means an important milestone in entering the Italian market".

About PowerWind GmbH

PowerWind GmbH is a German manufacturer and service provider of wind turbines. The dynamic new entrant was founded in 2007 as Conergy Wind GmbH. With the sale of Conergy’s wind division to the financial investor Warburg Pincus, which became effective on 27 October 2008, the newly established PowerWind GmbH has taken over the entire business operations of "Conergy Wind". The company’s headquarter is situated in Hamburg. Its production facility in Bremerhaven ranks among the most advanced in the world.

Hamburg, 6 November 2008

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