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Publisher: PowerWind GmbH

PowerWind GmbH makes successful entry into the Bulgarian market

- First wind turbine successfully commissioned
- Further delivery contracts close to completion

Hamburg - Wind turbine manufacturer PowerWind GmbH is pleased to report its first successes in another eastern European country after Poland and Romania. The company has successfully commissioned a 900kW wind turbine of the type PowerWind 56 five kilometres away from the Black Sea, in Hadzhi Dimitar, near the city of Kavarna.

For the Milenium Group Ltd., two factors were decisive for entering into the collaboration with PowerWind: \"We wanted a state-of-the-art wind turbine that delivers maximum yield for our Bulgarian sites. The PowerWind 56 turbine was exactly that\", Lyubomir Nikolov, Manager of the Milenium Group, says. In addition to the exacting demands on technology and quality, it was important to Milenium Group to partner with a company committed to high standards of customer proximity: \"We were particularly impressed with the around-the-clock availability and flexibility of PowerWind during the project phase. They assisted us whenever we needed their help.\"

The project has provided PowerWind with a springboard: \"The Hadzhi Dimitar project marks a successful entry into the Bulgarian market. Our positive experience with the Milenium Group and the project have encouraged us to further expand our marketing activities in Bulgaria\", Stefan Heczko, Managing Director of PowerWind GmbH, says.

PowerWind is currently conducting sales talks with other customers from Bulgaria and expects to receive follow-up orders in the coming months. In preparation for additional orders, PowerWind has already reached a service cooperation agreement with the experienced Bulgarian service provider ABC. This will guarantee that PowerWind can give the best possible service to all customers in Bulgaria.

About PowerWind GmbH

PowerWind GmbH is a German company that produces wind energy converters with rated outputs of 900 kW and 2500 kW and which also supplies services specifically related to these products. This dynamically expanding company was founded in 2007 and is financed by Warburg Pincus, an international investor. PowerWind GmbH has two locations in Germany, one in Hamburg, one in Bremerhaven.The 900 kW PowerWind 56 wind turbine has been in series production since January 2008 at the factory in Bremerhaven, one of the world\'s most advanced manufacturing facilities. Series production of the 2.5 MW PowerWind 90 wind turbine unveiled in March 2009 starts in 2010.

Hamburg, 07 December 2009

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