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Publisher: WindGuard Certification GmbH

WindGuard Certification delivers third 27 MVA FRT-Container in Germany

New Generation of test container satisfies requirements of medium voltage guidelines for HVRT-Tests

Varel (renewablepress) - WindGuard Certification has successfully delivered a third unit of its new generation of FRT test containers. The container allows performing of Fault-ride-through tests on wind turbines, developing artificial fault conditions at grid connection points. The capabilities of grid stabilization of a wind turbine and its adherence to the medium voltage grid guidelines are proved through such testing.

Based on the experience collected on grid measurements through the past years, WindGuard Certification has developed a new generation of FRT-Containers. “The new test containers do not only comply with the new requirements for HVRT-Tests”, explains Daniel Rehfeldt, Head of the Project at WindGuard Certification, “Thanks to an ingenious layout, the container is also more compact and economical than other testing devices previously available.” The testing container is available in versions compatible with VDE and UL requirements, for markets in Europe and the USA. A few weeks back, WindGuard Certification delivered a third prototype. “It has especially pleased us to see the satisfaction of our clients on the first day of operation”, comments Damian Slowinski, head of WindGuard Certification’s test lab, “Not only has the device become more manageable and user friendly, but the loading of the grid during testing is reduced thanks to the new connection concept, compared to previous test containers”. Due to the international interest on the prototype initially conceptualized for own operation, the company has decided to produce it in small series for orders placed by clients.

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Varel, 21 May 2019

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