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Green hydrogen for coal region Lusatia

Dauerthal (renewablepress) - The German Minister for Economic Affairs and Energy, Peter Altmaier, today named the project "Reference Power Plant Lausitz" as one of 20 selected "Real Laboratories for the Energy Transition". ENERTRAG will now prepare the formal application for grant funding together with its partners, includ-ing the Zweckverband Industriepark Schwarze Pumpe, owner and operator of the coal-fired power stations in Lusatia LEAG, and renewable energy player Energiequelle.

In concrete terms, key technologies in renewable energy supply and hy-drogen as a chemical storage medium are to be tested in the field in order to advance the conversion to a CO2-neutral, cross-sector energy supply. In addition to electricity and heat from renewable energies, hydrogen in par-ticular is to be made available for transport and industry, and if necessary re-electrified in a hydrogen gas turbine and a fuel cell to provide bottleneck electricity, or fed into the existing natural gas network.

The Reference Power Plant Lausitz project shows the way to securing local coal jobs in the long term and to renewing Lusatia as an energy location through technological change.

ENERTRAG sees hydrogen as a central part of the clean energy supply of tomorrow - its production can stabilise fluctuating renewable electricity, large amounts of energy can be stored over long periods of time and trans-ported over long distances.

As an investing partner of the consortium, ENERTRAG can contribute many years of know-how from more than 20 years of planning, implementation, financing and operation of renewable and hydrogen power plants. ENER-TRAG has been successfully generating green hydrogen from 100% wind power in the Uckermark region since 2011.

The following link briefly describes all the real laboratories that have been selected (German only). No. 18 contains the Reference Power Plant Lausitz.


ENERTRAG provides all services related to renewable energy. We efficiently bring to-gether electricity, heat and mobility for all areas of life. As an energy producer with an annual production of 1.5 million MWh and a service network with over 1120 wind turbines, we know from personal experience what is important for our customers. With more than two decades of experience in Europe, our 540 employees combine all the skills required for the successful operation and efficient maintenance, as well as citizen-oriented planning and reliable construction of wind turbines, grids, and even complete integrated power plants. We are always one energy ahead - whether in sec-tor coupling, local stakeholder investment models or need-based night-beaconing.

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Caption: Interior of the Hybrid Power Plant of ENERTRAG near Prenzlau in Germany
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Dauerthal, 19 July 2019

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