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Publisher: FREQCON GmbH

FREQCON expands its Pitch Retrofit offering with the new GE 30Nm Pitch Backup System (PBS)

- FREQCON now sells all retrofit modules direct that previously sold through Maxwell Technologies, Inc.

Rethem (renewablepress) - FREQCON GmbH located in Germany, today announced the introduction of the 30 Nm GE Pitch Retrofit System for GE Wind Turbines in addition to the existing Pitch Backup System (PBS) for GE 20 Nm and for GE SSB based pitch systems.

FREQCON is specialized in the development and distribution of electrical equipment for renewable energy systems. Its products have proven their reliability in the harshest conditions. One of the core competences is the field of highly efficient MW-scale power based on leading edge technology.

FREQCON was one of the first to introduce full power converters and ultracapacitor based pitch systems for wind turbines almost 30 years ago, the company understands the importance of turbine uptime, minimizing operation cost and downtime due to turbine pitch failure. Therefore, FREQCON invented the Pitch Retrofit System to provide reliable pitching and improve technician safety by eliminating maintenance in the turbine due to battery faults of the EPU (Emergency Power Unit).

With Maxwell Technologies, Inc. discontinuing the sales and support of the FREQCON wind retrofit product line, FREQCON continues to manufacture, sell and support all Pitch Retrofit Systems.
The ultracapacitor-based retrofit modules are drop-in-solutions that replace fielded batteries and fit seamlessly into the wind turbine’s existing emergency power unit. Ultracapacitors have a wider operating temperature range (-40 to 65°C) compared to batteries, quick charge / discharge capabilities and a long lifetime.

To date windfarm operators retrofitted more than 900 wind turbines with FREQCON’s Pitch Retrofit Systems! FREQCON is the preferred partner for innovative, reliable and high-quality solutions. They offer modules available on short notice.

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Rethem, 04 March 2020

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