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Publisher: FREQCON GmbH

FREQCON and Mercedes-Benz Energy enter strategic partnership

- Scalable, turnkey battery energy storage solutions

Rethem (renewablepress) - The German manufacturer of converters and control systems for renewable energy systems FREQCON GmbH and Mercedes-Benz Energy, a hundred-percent subsidiary of Daimler AG and manufacturer of energy storage, entered an agreement for the delivery of EV batteries for battery storage solutions.

FREQCON will offer scalable turnkey systems using Mercedes-Benz Energy Batteries.

Mercedes-Benz Energy supplies 1.4 MWh container with 1st-life EV batteries including a Battery Management System (BMS). FREQCON complements the EV batteries with its suitable converter technology and offers scalable turnkey storage solution for a wide range of applications.

“A partnership that combines highest quality standards and an unmatched safety concept is the best basis for a successful and long-term cooperation “, says Norbert Hennchen (CEO).

FREQCON focuses on research and development to deliver state-of-the-art technologies with the highest quality standards. This concept complements the high safety- and availability requirements of the Mercedes-Benz Energy battery.

With this solution, FREQCON offers the best price-performance ratio with the highest safety standards.

Both companies are looking forward to cooperate on future energy storage projects and to contribute to a sustainable energy transition.

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Caption: World’s safest Battery Energy Storage System

Rethem, 15 April 2020

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