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Publisher: ENERTRAG AG, Texla Energías Renovables S.L

ENERTRAG enters the Spanish renewable market by forming a joint venture with TeXla Energías Renovables

Photo (from left to right): Alberto Rodríguez López (Project Manager Spain ENERTRAG), Roland Bettscheider (Business Development TeXla Renovables), ...
Dauerthal/Seville (renewablepress) - The two renewable energy companies have recently joined forces in a collectively managed project pipeline in which ENERTRAG has acquired a majority stake.

In future, the partners will develop wind and PV projects on an equal footing in the South of Spain, where conditions are ideal for the generation of renewable energies. As well known, Andalusia benefits from the highest solar radiation in Europe as well as good site conditions for the harnessing of wind energy.

Both companies benefit strongly from each other. TeXla brings extensive knowledge in engineering, development, permitting, operation and asset management of wind, PV and CSP projects as well as of electrical infrastructure in Spain on board with a track record of hundreds of megawatts.

ENERTRAG, for its part, excels at its expertise in the areas of financing, hybridisation of renewable energy systems and their experience in the constructional realisation. In addition, ENERTRAG contributes its innovative technical know-how and more than ten years of experience in the production of green hydrogen from wind energy. In Germany, ENERTRAG already operates an integrated power plant with 610 MW renewable generation capacity combining wind power, photovoltaics, hydrogen and biogas.

The joint venture’s project pipeline has been pre-developed by TeXla. It includes 255 MW of mixed wind and solar projects in Andalusia to be implemented in the next three to five years.

Hybrid solar-wind projects can lower the costs and allow the sharing of site and grid infrastructure. Especially during the summer, the generation curves of the two technologies complement each other quite well and improve the reliability of the energy supply. Furthermore, the combination of wind and solar could also reduce the need for ramping, if applied more widely, and lower the need for storage technologies due to the better plannable feed-in power.

With this recent step, ENERTRAG continues to strategically expand its international activities. Today, ENERTRAG develops and operates wind and solar projects and plants for green hydrogen and its derivatives worldwide.


ENERTRAG provides a full range of services related to renewable energies. We efficiently bring together electricity, heat, and mobility for all areas of life. As an energy producer with an annual production of 1.38 billion kilowatt hours and a service network covering over 1,000 wind turbines, we know from experience what really matters to our customers. With over two decades of experience in Europe, our 780 employees bring together all the skills required for successful operation and efficient maintenance, as well as community oriented planning and reliable construction of energy systems and networks, all the way to complete integrated power plants. We are always one energy ahead – whether in sector coupling, local stakeholder investment, or demand-driven night beaconing.

About TeXla Energías Renovables

Born under extensive professional background and know-how acquired during the first decade of the century by the team that initially made P&T Tecnología IbER, S.L.U., TeXla Energías Renovables was founded in order to give continuity to the projects already implemented, promoting the various areas of engineering (electrical, environmental, industrial, telecommunications, construction and IT), management and O&M of generation and distribution facilities as well as development of renewable energy projects. Over 250 MW WOL and 360 MW solar (CSP and PV) with an investment value of more than USD 0.7 Billion came to operation, generating a development pipeline of more than 300 MW WOL, 100 MW WOS and 1,000 MW SOLAR. The Group has a proven success history, being an early entrant in new markets with advanced technology and creative local business strategies, helping countries accelerate their renewable energy development. TeXla has experience managing teams of over 30 employees, covering a variety of skill sets necessary to develop, build and operate wind and solar farms, including development, land acquisition, public relations, environmental analysis and mitigation, government relations, utility power contracting and technical interface, engineering and planning, logistics analysis, legal contracting with counterparties, construction plan development and contracting, construction, project management, financing, administration and O&M.

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Caption: Photo (from left to right): Alberto Rodríguez López (Project Manager Spain ENERTRAG), Roland Bettscheider (Business Development TeXla Renovables), Miguel Montero Bueno (Managing Director TeXla Renovables), Dr. Gunar Hering (COO ENERTRAG), Dr. Tobias Bischof-Niemz (Head of Division New Energy Solutions ENERTRAG) and Aram Sander (Head of International Business Development ENERTRAG)


Dauerthal/Seville, den 02 November 2021

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