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wpd windmanager expands cooperation with iTerra and Impax

- Operations manager takes over management of Frielendorf Süd wind farm

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Bremen (renewablepress) - iTerra and IMPAX are expanding their cooperation with wpd windmanager. The operations manager takes over the commercial and technical management of the Frielendorf Süd wind farm. The project in the Hessian district of Schwalm-Eder is located at an altitude of around 230 meters above sea level and consists of two Vestas V150 turbines, each with a capacity of 4.2 MW and a hub height of 166 meters. The turbines will go into operation in the community of Frielendorf/Neuental at the end of February. iTerra and Impax are already working together with wpd windmanager with the same setup at the Häger/Sandruper See wind farm. For Impax, the operations manager has previously managed projects in Finland and Poland.

Based on their joint experience in the other projects, iTerra and Impax are again relying on the existing team of wpd windmanager for the operational management of Frielendorf Süd. "For us as operators, the advantages were obvious: we are very satisfied with the cooperation, the processes are well established and we now receive all the information of our assets bundled from a single source," expresses Dr. Claus M. Brodersen, Managing Director of iTerra. wpd windmanager is also pleased with the new project of the existing customer. "The trust of iTerra and Impax is a great confirmation of our daily work. Of course, we are always exploring ways to use further synergies with our customers and expand our cooperation," explains Gerrit Baerwald, Sales at wpd windmanager.

Such an expansion is already in the pipeline for the Frielendorf Süd wind farm. In the wind field of the new project, a larger number of additional turbines have already been planned to become part of this cooperation. Commissioning for these turbines is scheduled for the end of 2024.

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Bremen, 22 February 2023

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