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Publisher: Deutsche Windtechnik AG

Deutsche Windtechnik repairs converter controls

Bremen - Deutsche Windtechnik AG, the market leader among manufacturer-independent service providers, has developed a virtual wind turbine. The system simulates the environment of the wind turbine control and primarily serves to test converter control elements. Thanks to this new development, the company can now repair converter control elements, which is a first among manufacturer-independent service providers.

Deutsche Windtechnik uses the virtual wind turbine to test the functionality of repaired converter controls and the quality of the repair. The system simulates the environmental signals of a real wind turbine at the test facility of Deutsche Windtechnik Steuerung GmbH in Viöl (Schleswig-Holstein, Germany). In addition to the wind conditions, the voltages and power grid currents are also simulated. Moreover, the virtual wind turbine simulates the pitch angle, rotational speed, voltages and currents of the generator.

Lower costs, higher availability
“One of the components that we have to replace most often in our wind turbine is the converter,” explains Karl Keusgen, CEO of Deutsche Windtechnik Steuerung GmbH. “Because our repairs are much quicker and more cost-effective than installing new controls, our new service increases both the economic efficiency and the availability of our wind turbine generators.”

Deutsche Windtechnik AG now offers the new service globally for Vestas type V52, V66 and V80 turbine converters. The service is expected to be rolled out to other turbine types next year. “It is important for us to be able to develop our own solutions alongside repairing electrical components,” adds Keusgen.

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Picture caption: At the test facility the system simulates the environmental signals of a real wind turbine.

Picture caption: The virtual wind turbine simulates the wind conditions, the voltages and currents of the power grid and the generator (For example, the CosPhi phase shift shown on the screen), the pitch angle and rotational speed.

About Deutsche Windtechnik AG
Deutsche Windtechnik AG is based in Bremen, Germany, and offers the entire range of wind turbine maintenance services across Europe from a single source. The company operates both onshore and offshore. The focus of the turbine technology is on machines from Vestas/NEG Micon, Siemens/An Bonus, Nordex, Senvion and Fuhrländer. Deutsche Windtechnik Steuerung GmbH specialises in repairing wind turbine generator electronics. The electronic assemblies refurbished by them globally represent a more affordable and reliable alternative to installing new components.

Bremen, 21 January 2016

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About Deutsche Windtechnik AG

Bremen-based Deutsche Windtechnik AG offers a single-source full technical maintenance package for wind turbines in Europe and the USA. The company operates both onshore and offshore.

More than 3,000 wind turbines are serviced by over 1,000 employees as part of permanent maintenance contracts (basic and full maintenance). Its system engineering focuses on Vestas/NEG Micon, Siemens/AN Bonus, Nordex, Senvion, Fuhrländer, Gamesa and Enercon turbines.

Deutsche Windtechnik take occupational safety and environmental protection very seriously, so all of their services are certified in accordance with ISO 9001:2015, BS OHSAS 18001:2007, ISO 14001:2015.

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