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wpd concludes electricity supply contract with ENGIE in Poland

Bremen (renewablepress) - wpd can record further success in the marketing of wind power in Poland. A Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) was concluded with ENGIE Zielona Energia Sp. z o.o., a wholly owned subsidiary of the French energy supply group ENGIE SA.

The PPA was signed between the project companies of wpd's own onshore wind farms "Jarocin Kozmin" and "Słupca-Kołaczkowo" and the Polish ENGIE subsidiary. The agreement is a so-called offsite PPA with physical delivery of electricity, covering 100 % of the projects' electricity generation, i.e. more than 900 GWh over the lifetime of the agreement.

The two wpd wind farms will be built in the western centre of Poland, in the Wielkopolskie voivodeship. The project "Jarocin Kozmin" is located approx. 11 km southeast of the city of Jarocin and consists of 17 wind turbines (WTG) of the type GE 2.5-120 with a hub height of 120 m and will have a capacity of 42.5 MW. The construction work for the project started in Q1/2020 and the commissioning of the first WTG is expected in Q3/2020.

The same applies to the project "Słupca-Kołaczkowo" located about 60 km east of the city of Poznan, which will consist of 15 wind turbines of the type Vestas 3.0-117 with a hub height of 141 m and an installed capacity of 45 MW. The combined annual energy generated in both projects corresponds to the annual demand of about 100,000 households.

"We at ENGIE are committed to looking for new ways to expand our portfolio management of sustainable energies with innovative solutions. Our success proves us right", says Piotr Rogóż, CEO at ENGIE Zielona Energia. "We are delighted wpd has chosen ENGIE as a partner. Both wpd’s position and expertise in RES production as well as our experience in RES portfolio management paved the way to build a long-term and successful cooperation."

"The recent conclusion of a PPA with a well-known company as a partner confirms our commitment, not only to the Polish market for green electricity, but also in the area of direct electricity marketing," adds Wilko Smidt, responsible for PPAs at wpd onshore. "wpd is ready for more cooperations of this kind to further support the energy turnaround.”

About wpd

wpd AG develops and operates wind farms on- and offshore and solar farms. The Bremen-based German company is active in 25 countries worldwide and has realized wind energy projects with around 2,270 wind turbines and an output of 4,720 MW. The project pipeline comprises a total of 11,300 MW wind onshore, 7,400 MW wind offshore and 1,150 MW solar energy.

About ENGIE & ENGIE Polska

ENGIE is a global energy company that is a leading provider of electricity, natural gas and energy services. With 171,100 employees in more than 70 countries worldwide, ENGIE achieved a turnover of over 60 billion euros in 2019. ENGIE aims to play a leading role in the energy revolution. The aim of ENGIE is to accelerate the transition to a carbon-neutral world by reducing energy consumption and finding more environmentally friendly solutions. The ENGIE Group has been operating on the Polish market for over 20 years in four main business areas - renewable energy, electricity and gas distribution, technical building management and heating technology.
ENGIE Zielona Energia is one of ENGIE’s entities located in Poland in Katowice. The company is active in the areas of: operations and development of Renewable Energy Sources (own and operate ca 140 MW of wind and 9 MW of solar energy, with another expected to be up and running in 2021). It sales energy, gas and PV installations to domestic business customers and also offers commercial services for renewable energy producers and acts on the commodity markets (energy, gas, green certificates, GO’s and assets portfolio optimization).

Bremen, 20 July 2020

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About wpd AG

wpd is a developer and operator of wind farms both onshore and offshore, acting worldwide. Since 1996, wpd has installed 2,200 wind turbines with a total of 4,450 MW. Currently more than 1,500 MW are held as assets. A group staff of 2,200 is committed to wind energy in 21 countries. Internationally, wpd is planning projects in the scope of 8,725 MW onshore and 7,250 MW offshore. For years, wpd has been awarded the first-class “A” rating by the Euler Hermes agency (Allianz Group). Besides the favourable status quo analysis, this external assessment of creditworthiness also illustrates the company’s excellent future prospects.

wpd has played a determining role in helping to shape the wind industry since its early beginnings. The foundation for wpd was laid over two decades ago in Bremen. To this day, the head office is in the Hanseatic city. The former two-man operation has developed into a solid, mid-sized company.

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Christian Schnibbe
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Christian Schnibbe

Press contact

Christian Schnibbe

Christian Schnibbe
wpd AG
Phone: +49 (0)421 / 16866-10