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Cooperation between Q-Energy and EEG Eifel: 10 Greenfield Projects Withe a potential of 316 Megawatts

A total of 40 new wind turbines are being built in the region around Trier
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Berlin (renewablepress) - Q-Energy, a global investment and management platform focused on renewable energy, energy transition and sustainability, today announced a collaboration with EEG Eifel, a wind farm developer with more than 20 years of experience based in Ferschweiler, Germany, to jointly develop 10 greenfield wind projects in Rhineland-Palatine, in the west of Germany. A total of 40 new wind turbines are to be built in the region around Trier with a potential of 316 megawatts.

"We are very pleased to have found in Q-Energy a competent partner with many years of experience in wind and solar energy, who actively supports us in the implementation of our project plans and whose central focus lies in the long-term operation of the developed energy parks," describes Rolf Koch, Managing Director of EEG Eifel, the motivation behind the cooperation. "The willingness to pursue new paths of sector coupling in the course of the energy transition and to involve the regional players was a decisive factor in our decision to take this step towards a partnership. True to the motto: energy from the region, for the region."

The wind farms are currently at different planning stages, one project already in permitting process and Q-Energy expects to submit further permit applications this year.

Apart from this transaction, Q-Energy is already operating more than 40 wind farms across Germany, that are currently being successfully repowered by replacing the existing turbines and significantly increasing the production of environmentally friendly wind power.

Nigel Nyirenda, Head of Project Development at Q-Energy in Germany, said: "We rely on long-term cooperation with local actors and are very pleased that we can continue counting on EEG Eifel as a trusted partner for further project developments. Together we want to unlock the Eifel region’s potential - accompanied by attractive support measures for the region - following our principles for successful project development: transparent communication from the beginning paired with proactive involvement of the communities and residents in the conception of the projects.”

Borja Caruana, Managing Director of Q-Energy Deutschland GmbH, added: "We are more than ready for new projects, both in terms of human and financial resources. Our next fund, Q-Energy Fund V, will invest in renewable energy projects in Germany and internationally, reinforcing our commitment to driving the change towards a decarbonized economy. We will acquire further windfarms with a focus on repowering and will significantly expand our project pipeline in the area of greenfield development in cooperation with local project developers."

About Q-Energy

Since 2007, the Q-Energy team, composed of more than 300 professionals, has managed investments of more than €11 billion in renewable energies worldwide. This investment has been deployed through four vehicles: Fotowatio / FRV, Vela Energy, Q-Energy III and Q-Energy IV.

Offering integrated investment and asset management services, Q-Energy manages more than 1.6 GW of energy, including more than 1 GW of solar PV, 243 MW of solar thermal power (CSP), 325 MW of wind power and 6 MW batteries across Germany, Spain, UK, Poland, and Italy. Q-Energy also has more than 8,000 MW of assets under development at various stages of completion.

Q-Energy Deutschland GmbH is part of the Q-Energy Group and focuses on the acquisition, financing, project development, construction, and operation of onshore wind turbines. With a team of more than 100 employees in Berlin, Hamburg and Wiesbaden, Q-Energy Germany offers current owners to buy their wind turbines: At fair conditions, as a transaction partner at eye level who cares about local interests.
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Caption: A total of 40 new wind turbines are being built in the region around Trier
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Berlin, 15 June 2022

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About Q-Energy Deutschland GmbH

Qualitas Energy is a leading investment and management platform focused on renewable energy, energy transition, and sustainable infrastructure investment.

Since 2006, the Qualitas Energy team has managed investments of more than €11 billion in renewable energy worldwide. These investments have been deployed through five vehicles: Fotowatio / FRV, Vela Energy, Q-Energy III, Q-Energy IV, and Q-Energy V.

Qualitas Energy’s existing portfolio currently holds more than 5 GW of operating and development energy assets, including more than 3 GW of wind, 1 GWp of solar PV, 242 MW of solar thermal power (CSP), 243 MW of battery, 180 MW of renewable natural gas, and 60 MW of hydroelectric power assets across Spain, Germany, the UK, Italy, Poland, and Chile.

The operating assets currently generate enough clean energy to supply more than 370,000 homes and avoid the emission of 630,000 tons of CO2, per year.

The Qualitas Energy team is composed of more than 600 professionals across 11 offices in Madrid, Berlin, London, Milan, Hamburg, Wiesbaden, Trier, Stuttgart, Cologne, Warsaw, and Santiago.